Religious accommodation: Valley “lack of political will,” said the SFPQ

Accommodements religieux: Vallée «manque de volonté politique», dit le SFPQ

The public service Union of Quebec (SFPQ) accuses the minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée, having “filed over issues that the guidelines”, the day after his announcement on the treatment of religious accommodation.

“Shocked” and “disappointed”, the president of the SFPQ does not mince his words in denouncing the manner in which the minister Valley leads to the folder. “We elected to take decisions”, but what is presented does not respond to any question, criticism, Christian Daigle.

“She had told us in October 2017 that it would come with concrete examples of application of the law,” said Mr. Daigle, except that which was presented on Wednesday, will be “unmanageable” and demonstrates a “lack of political will” of the minister.

The president of the SFPQ is severe as to the method of treatment on a case by case put forward by Ms Valley. “The plurality of responses to requests for accommodation will create a mess total”, he launched. “From one department to another, from one service center to another, the interpretation of [the applications] will be able to change.”

He also pointed out that in some of the centres of services, no person could respond to an accommodation request because of lack of personnel.

Mr. Daigle denies that the members of the SFPQ, which he represents, écopent of what is put in place by the government.

“I don’t want the employees to be dependent on the decision that will be taken on a request for accommodation”, he commented. “I don’t want that my members are hurting.”

On Wednesday, the minister of Justice has presented six guidelines, which allow, according to it, to clarify the law 62 on the religious neutrality of the State and to give tags to those who need to make decisions on accommodation requests.


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