Refusal of the Agency of the income will GO: a political decision, disagrees with the PQ

Refus de l’Agence du revenu à l’IRAI: une décision politique, fustige le PQ

The refusal of the Canada revenue Agency to grant charitable status to the Institute of research on the self-determination of peoples and national independence is a political decision, according to the Parti québécois (PQ).

“This is a case of asymmetry full”, said the mna Nicolas Marceau in an interview with The Sun. He noted that the Agency itself acknowledges that the Institute of research on the self-determination of peoples and the independence of the national — known by the acronym GO — conducts studies impartial. “What are the political considerations that led to this decision”, which “has been taken very, very high in the hierarchy”, he says.

On Twitter, the leader of the PQ, Jean-François Lisée, a denounced iniquity. “Ottawa says” no ” to the status of a charity to GO because Pierre Karl Péladeau is a former leader of the PQ. But Ottawa says yes to the federal Idea, including the chairman of the board of governors is… Jean Charest, a former leader of the LIBERALS!”

The GO can obtain the status of a”charity”, because it has been created for “political purposes” and that it hides its referred to, has decided the Canada revenue Agency in a decision issued earlier this week by The Sun. It rejects his argument that it contributes to “the advancement of education” as the fact the federal Idea.

“The field of restricted search of the applicant, which focused on the independence of Quebec and the movements sovereignists international, coincides with the main platform of the Parti québécois […] set forth by Mr. Pierre Karl Péladeau in his appointment as leader of the PQ, when it is committed to establish a research institute on independence”, one can read in the decision of the Canada revenue Agency. She adds that the WILL “is funded by Mr. Péladeau, created” of this organization.

An “affront”, said Turp

The president will GO, Daniel Turp, spoke of “an affront”. “Is it that the Canada revenue Agency, had this same grid of analysis when it granted the charity status to the federal Idea? The Agency has not violated its obligation of impartiality and failed to comply with the requirements of institutional independence? The games were made in advance?”

The status of a charitable organization called the GO makes it easier to obtain donations of citizens. It allows donors who wish to obtain a tax credit that could amount to almost half of their contribution. If he had obtained title from the federal level, the GO would have won by turn of the Agence du revenu du Québec.

The GO has 90 days to challenge this decision through an internal mechanism of the Agency. Whatever he decides to do in this regard, it will continue its work, and ensures Mr Turp.


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