Most of the time to find a common ground

Plus de temps pour trouver un terrain d’entente

THREE-RIVERS — Yves Tremblay must take his evil in patience. This is not before the end of the month he will know if the City of Three-Rivers agrees to offer him a better financial support to help save the concession of the League of north american hockey.

The businessman, however, has made it clear to Jean-Marc Bergeron, manager of recreation, that it was in need of a response before the may 14 deadline imposed by the League north american hockey. However, Bergeron has himself negotiated a bit more time with the authorities of the circuit to be able to lead to an agreement may appeal to both parties. “Richard Martel has given us until the end of the month,” says Bergeron.

The sinews of war, this is obviously the money. All owners that are relayed to the head of the team in recent years have been forced to draft their budget in red ink. After one season of operation, Étienne Boileau has left the dealership a month ago. Involved in the senior with the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine Tremblay was then lifted up his hand, and he would like to operate the two teams in the old Coliseum. But not with the conditions offered to Boileau. Tremblay is looking for a partnership a lot more fleshed out. His bold game plan also contains a small cure of youth to the Colosseum.

“We’re looking at what we can do,” says Bergeron. “What you should say is that we are already among the cities that support the greatest franchise in the league. Some cities give more, but we are among the most generous.”

The head of leisure does not cache, it will not be able to fill all requests for Tremblay. “I’m doing my homework, I’m going to present my group to work on may 23. My goal is to attach something that will be win-win for both parties. Ultimately, however, these are the elect who are going to decide.”

Difficult to say at what point the gap is wide between the demands of Tremblay and the proposal of the City. The Novelist, however, has learned that the City was ready to inject $ 40,000 into the adventure the next season before the meeting of the last week, a substantial amount compared to the aid paid to Boileau. However, Tremblay would be about double…

“It is sure that from our side, we would like to be fixed as quickly as possible. There is a lot of work to do to revive the franchise, and this is the time of year where it is the most conducive to forging partnerships with sponsors,” explained Tremblay. “That said, it’s still good to know that the City is going to happen to us with a counter-proposal, that it is ready to extend the arm. It’s moving forward. We are ready to operate, if there is a way to conclude a satisfactory agreement.”

Everything indicates that it is Dean Lygitsakos, who will take on the operations hockey. The authorities of the LNAH have received a letter from Tremblay to advise them that it is Lygitsakos, who piloted the folder. “We have people already in place that make the clearing. When I say that we are ready, we are ready!”


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