Humor and wisdom

Humour et sagesse

THREE-RIVERS — The humorous wisdom of Boucar Diouf has found his during visual with the meeting of the duo of sculptors Viatour-Berthiaume, and this union has trained all three at the Museum, POP in an exhibition entitled When Boucar Diouf fits in with the wood… which will be on show until November 11.

The exhibition fits perfectly in the programming of the Museum by its side light, playful can’t forget about interesting, most relevant, and which leads to the reflection. At the base, is it to clarify, the sculptors Marie-Annick Latour and Gaétan Berthiaume have been inspired by the words of Boucar Diouf both in his performances on the different forums in which it enjoys. They who are specialised already in the sculptures inspired by toys of wood have been found in the scientific humorist approach and a content which gave them lots of ideas.

In the creative process leading up to the exhibition, Diouf has been called to close the loop creative by composing a short text inspired by each of the fifteen works in the exhibition as well as sculptures they themselves had been inspired by his texts.

In the end, it was an original amalgam of two cultures while the origins senegalese Boucar Diouf is married to his quebec identity now fully assumed. We think of a flagship piece, one of a small herd of cattle tiny scattered on what appears to be sand dunes and that, with hindsight, form a peanut. In another, the sculptors have created a zebu with the small branches of wood, but of which a part of the trunk is formed by a can of maple syrup.

All this is full of fantasy, ideas, humor that does not preclude the message. It speaks about integration of the alien, encounter with difference, protection of the environment, the pollution, the strength of the collective.

“We went digging into all that Boucar fact,” says Gaétan Berthiaume, and it was reflected in his material. Finally it is her world that has inspired us because we’re not talking about him specifically but rather to its thematic.”

“It’s a wedding,” adds Marie-Annick Viatour. We, we bring the playful side of our sculptures. Of course, we are still working the wood but it is also typical of our work to give a lot of colour to the works. It is these colors that give, I think, the impression that these are toys so that they are truly sculptures.”

“I should add that they have great depth and, also, specify, Boucar Diouf, a muse for visual artists. Me too, I write with an approach that is very playful, but in this exhibition, one has first the impression that these are toys but when we approach for a closer look, we notice a depth in the subject and a important research.”

“We have already dealt with dramatic themes in our work like when we are inspired by the book Ru by Kim Thuy, but again, with our sculptures toys, we have dealt with a playful side. In this case, the touches of humor of Boucar gave us an inspiration that allowed us to really go out.”

“Me,” continues Boucar Diouf, I see it all like small parts of my story and I wrote the texts to say what I feel by seeing the works. I feel very fortunate that what I do is pointed out by these artists but I see it mainly as a pat on the back from neighbours who say to me: “Boucar, you’re ours.””

To note that the exhibition also features a film that documents the work of sculptors, and who, according to them, the best introduction to the exhibition that, after the viewing, an entirely different meaning.


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