Firearms: Trudeau’s open to an audit more severe history

Armes à feu: Trudeau ouvert à une vérification plus sévère des antécédents

SAGUENAY — The prime minister Justin Trudeau said he was open Thursday to the idea of conducting audits more stringent of the mental health of those who wish to purchase a firearm.

During the court proceedings Alexander Bissonnette, who pleaded guilty last march to six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder for the attack on the Great Mosque of Quebec in January 2017, it was learned that he had legally its weapons even if it had already been treated for mental health disorders. It was enough to lie to the RCMP to be able to get into any legality of his firearms, the police, relying on his word.

Last march, the federal government tabled bill C-71, which tightens some controls and regulates the sale of firearms. This bill would eliminate also the measures put in place under the Harper government.

Questioned on the possibility of amending this bill to include provisions that are more severe, particularly on the mental health of buyers, Mr. Trudeau said that he was going to take this idea into consideration.

“We are always open to new suggestions, to the improvement, but it is an important step that will protect our communities, protect our citizens and respect the rights of Canadians,” said the prime minister during a press conference at the Saguenay.

According to Mr. Trudeau, the bill in its current form is already a step in the right direction and there is a consensus on this issue.

“We added several elements to the control of firearms in this bill. We know that to move forward with concrete measures and reasonable to protect citizens from violence done with firearms, it is something that everyone wants, there is no debate on that. We will continue to seek to protect the citizens and ensure a better control of the firearms,” he said.

Bill C-71, proposes several measures that make it more binding arms trade. For example, the sellers shall retain for 20 years a record of their sales. The buyers, in the current form of the bill, will undergo audits more challenging.

Earlier this week, the public Safety minister, Ralph Goodale, said that he also want to study a proposal amending this bill, the families of the victims of the bombing at the Great Mosque of Quebec asked completely ban assault weapons in the country.


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