The native women’s Association note severely the national Survey

L’Association des femmes autochtones note sévèrement l’Enquête nationale

OTTAWA — The influential native women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) note severely the work carried out so far by the national Survey of women and girls missing and murdered aboriginal.

NWAC has published this week, as a “third party impartial observer”, its third report card on the subject of the national Survey launched by the government of Justin Trudeau in December 2015. The association argues that the work of the commission lack transparency and that they are poorly targeted.

According to the association, the families of the victims have felt this disruption as a lack of respect for them. And while the request for an extension of two years is still not accepted by Ottawa, the last phase of the work could be rushed, feared the NWAC.

The president of the association, Francyne D. Joe, is sad that when the public hears of this commission in the media, it is to learn its constant turnover of staff, or his request for an extension.

The association places a grade of “failure” in five out of the 15 sectors analysed; five other sectors “could do better with more effort”, three score passing grades, and the last two are not rated for lack of information. It is even a better newsletter than the one of may 2017, while the commission failed in 10 of the 15 sectors studied.

The bulletin of this year, reports of severely problems the commission’s communication, particularly with families who do not necessarily have access to the Internet.

The native women’s Association of Canada is now hoped that the federal government will grant the commission an extension of its mandate, until 31 December 2020. Otherwise, its final report must be filed by the end of this year.

“Families do not want a report that will be tabletté: they want to show to other governments that we recognize the problems that lead to the disappearance and murder of aboriginal women and girls, and that it is in this way that we are going to put an end to it and protect our women,” says Mrs. Joe.


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