The groundhog day

Le jour de la marmotte

THREE-RIVERS — a little more than a week his next fight, Mikaël Zewski (30-1, 22 K.-O. ) has learned the identity of his rival had changed. Injured in training, the Venezuelan Jonathan Eduardo Gaston Chavez (19-1-1, 5 K.-O.) has declared a package.

To replace him at short notice, the Group GYM turned to Diego Gonzalo Luque (21-5, 10 K.-O.), an Argentinian who has lost two of his last three fights. “This is the story of my career, an opponent that changes at the last minute,” sighed Zewski, who said not to take his new rival lightly. “He lost a decision against Chavez. This is a smart guy in the ring, which builds up round after round, and that makes the distance. In the circumstances, with one week notice, difficult to find better as an opponent.”

Of course, these turbulences have a price. Unless a turnaround last minute, Zewski will not fight for a belt, as it was planned. “My manager is on the record, let’s hope it will be successful in finding a title. But it is sure that it starts to get late. I leave it in the hands, me I must prepare myself. If I don’t want a bad surprise, I have interest to be ready when the bell will ring.”


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