The former bloquistes become the “standing”

Les ex-bloquistes deviennent les «debouts»

OTTAWA — seven former bloquistes have chosen the name of their new party: Quebec Standing. Their spokesman, Rhéal Fortin, rejects, however, any label of independence and says that he is always ready to accommodate the federalists less convinced.

The new party wants to return to the original mission of the Bloc québécois at its creation in 1991, is to defend the interests of Quebec in Ottawa, and leave the question of the independence parties of separatists who sit in the national Assembly.

Those who will now “stand tall” intend to register the name of their party with the Director general of elections within about a week. They will launch soon a consultation tour.

Mp Mario Beaulieu, joining the new party. It decided on Tuesday to stay in the Bloc québécois, of which he is also the president to speak out against its leader, Martine Ouellet.

He had admitted to thinking about his future at the end of the general council of the party on the 29th of April. He admitted that he no longer had confidence in Ms. Ouellet. The activists came to adopt the exit from the crisis proposed by the chief, is to hold a referendum on the June 1 and 2, on the mission of the Bloc québécois as a promoter of the independence and a vote of confidence.

The Bloc québécois is plunged into turmoil since the 28 February. Seven of his ten mps have slammed the door, saying, be unable to agree with their leader and blaming him for his intransigence.


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