The flat track is reborn at the Hippodrome 3R

Le flat track renaît à l’Hippodrome 3R

THREE-RIVERS — After 10 years of absence, the flat track will be repaired at the Hippodrome 3R.

Fans of racing and adrenaline will be served on may 19, on the oval of Three-Rivers, while more than 175 drivers of motorcycles and quad-bikes are expected for this event which will launch the championships, provincial and national.

For the occasion, many well-known drivers will tackle the path, he, Dominic Beaulac, Dave Pouliot, Fred Duchesneau and William Bellerose. A race of the legends is also on the agenda with, among others, members of the Ford family who will be of the party.

The flat track is renowned for its spectacular side, as the cars are not equipped with brakes to the front.

“This is very special as a test. It’s a very important control technique”, stresses Dany Torchy, Flat track Quebec, which has established this event in the company of his acolytes Marc-André Pagé, and François Cominardi.

On the side of the pane quad, the champion Sylvain Arseneault is likely to be under a spotlight. The organizers expect to attract around sixty drivers for this portion of the event.

In all, some 175 drivers are expected to be separated in nine classes of competition.

While the canadian championships will include a dozen events during the summer, while quebec will build on six slices, of which the last will also be presented at Trois-Rivières.


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