The Beaux-Speaking rely on the laugh

Les Beaux-Parlants misent sur le rire

THREE-RIVERS — The troupe theatre amateur The Beautiful-talking, Shawinigan, presents the 10, 11 and 12 may, the room Silent behind-the-scenes at the Centre des arts de Shawinigan.

This is Lucy Trudeau, who ensures the staging of this comedy, assisted by Monik Desrosiers and Rene Boisvert. Eleven actors are the distribution of this part of the British Michael Frayn adapted for Québec by Josée La Bossière. In its original English version, the piece, written in 1982, was a huge success both on the stages of London and Broadway.

The piece reveals the behind the scenes of a piece of boulevard of the typical doors slamming and her amorous intrigues by showing the spectators what they should not see, namely, the action that’s happening behind the scene. Silence behind the scenes! are three times while the audience attends first to the general of the front piece to be a witness of the first, but from behind the scenes and, finally, attend a performance of the piece, but this time at the end of a long and exhausting tour.

Gold, of course, nothing goes as planned in these various representations which prove to be extremely challenging for the team.

Requirements were compounded by the various personal problems of the members of this troop, of which the least we can say is that they themselves are colorful characters. Misunderstandings, unexpected twists, situations completely wacky in a rhythm completely and furious, The Beautiful-Talking will make every effort to ensure that the audience laugh a good shot. The whole, in the context of a production scale with a backdrop ingenious which allows viewers to go on the side hidden from the scene to see what unfolds in the behind the scenes as the piece unfolds.

The play will be presented on 10, 11 and 12 may at 19: 30. Tickets are on sale at a cost of $ 18 at the ticket office in the arts Centre at 819-539-6444 or online at


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