Looking forward to challenge his Camaro

Impatient de défier sa Camaro

THREE-RIVERS — In a few hours, Marc-Antoine Camirand will know what wood is heated from its all-new Chevrolet Camaro. At the dawn of the official trials of NASCAR Canada, it was a reminder of how much he is delighted to have the chance to play a full season, a second career within the sports car championship the most competitive in the country.

“The winter was very long! I look forward to the first tests,” shared the driver of Saint-Léonard-d’aston, reached by telephone Wednesday, after a long day of assemblies on his circuit car road, Milverton Ontario, where the owner of the team 22 Racing, Scott Steckly, has its headquarters.

“A chassis that is new, it requires more precautions, it is necessary to adjust the bench, the pedals, in short, it is necessary to think at all. However, I do not complain! The facilities here are of very high quality and my team leader, Randy Steckly, is the cousin of Scott, the same who was getting his cars when he was driving in the series. I think we have three good cars.”

Donald Theetge and Alex Tagliani are also associated with 22 Racing.

A sponsor passionate
One thing is for certain, Camirand will not be alone on the track. No, they will take turns not to take the wheel, but its business partners at GM Paillé are just as excited as him… if not more!

“Jean-Claude [Straw] me talking about it very often, they are intense, smiles Camirand. There are about thirty employees of the concessionaire who will be attending the first race of the season next week in Ontario. It is good to feel such support.”

GM Mulched and Camirand were associated in December of last year. This partnership allows the Léonardais compete in the 13 events on the calendar for 2018. “I know that I does not figure among the favourites for the title, except that I come up with it! I have always loved to play the card of the driver under-estimated. This is a championship very competitive, the battle will be hard.”

Kevin Lacroix, Andrew Ranger, D. J. Kennington, Alex Tagliani and He Louis-Philippe Dumoulin are often cited as one of the contenders for the title.

The official trials of NASCAR Canada will be held on Thursday and Friday. The season will take off a week later, at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Seventh race of the championship, the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières will be presented on Sunday, August 12.


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