Lisée would help “all media”, without distinction

Lisée aiderait «tous les médias», sans distinction

If Jean-François Lisée became prime minister, he will help “all the media”, without distinction, he said Wednesday in a media scrum.

The leader of the Parti québécois says it wants to be “fair” to all the media, even if he “had better draw their pin of the game than others”, he said, in reference to the decision of Power Corporation to divest of The Press.

Mr. Côté holds that the media support should not be “case by case”, but normalized, with no appearance of “arbitrary”. “He should never let the government make out a cheque to a particular media, without explaining why,” he argued.

The leader of the parti québecois is critical of the logic favored by the federal government, where the media may benefit from assistance if they are a non-profit organization. “Frankly it annoys me. I understand that the media are trying to sneak into the nets that the federal government has set up to help”, said Mr. Lisée.

He argues that the “right way” is to give a tax credit available to all media.


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