Hubert hopes that the UQAM will go ahead

Hubert espère que l’UQAM ira de l’avant

TROIS-RIVIÈRES — This is not the Patriotes of UQTR who will complain if the UQAM embarks on the adventure of university hockey.

The journalist Martin Leclerc of Radio-Canada, wrote this week that the folder has many strides in the past few months, to the point where the promoters are waiting for the green light from the administrators of the university to join the university circuit in 2019-20. The driver of the Patriotes, Marc-Étienne Hubert, hopes that the project will leave alive and well on the drawing board.

“It is an aberration to note that this is in Quebec, where there is the least amount of hockey programs at a university in Canada. If the UQAM plunges, there will be a program of more. And it could give the idea to others to join us.”

Hubert dream of a circuit in quebec. Currently, the Quebec teams should blend within the circuit and ontario. UQAM would become the fourth university in quebec to join, the others being quebec à trois-rivières, Concordia, and McGill.

“Four, not sure this is a good idea to start our own circuit. But it may be that the programs in Ottawa could join us? There will certainly be discussions and ideas to be debated on the day when we shall be more around the table.”

In terms of recruitment, Hubert does not believe that a new player would affect the quality of his team, he who fights, often against clubs in the Maritimes for the best players of 20 years which come out of the ranks of the QMJHL.

“Those who go to McGill or Concordia choose especially the city. We have few players from Montreal within our team. It recruits more in the regions. I don’t think we would have problems at this level,” he concludes.


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