Appointment on merits of controversy

Nomination sur fond de controverse

Shawinigan — the day after the announcement of the departure of Julie Boulet, the Quebec liberal Party has confirmed on Tuesday that the current member of parliament for Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère, will be the liberal candidate in the new constituency merged Laviolette-Saint-Maurice. An appointment that has, however, occurred on a background of controversy when one of its employees had taken steps to QSL a few weeks ago.

The political adviser to the regions in the office of the leader of the second opposition group, Sébastien Lépine, told the Nouvelliste that the political attaché to Pierre Giguère, Alain Boisvert, had contacted the office of François Bonnardel of the 29th march last.

“Mr. Boisvert then tells me that he is a former of the CAQ with Pierre Giguère. He explains to me that Mr. Giguère had already been a candidate, and he wants to meet with François Bonnardel to discuss the new district. Turning around the pot, I ask her directly the question of whether Mr. Giguère wants to apply for the CAQ. Instantly, he replied: yes, absolutely,” says Mr. Lépine.

While the nomination caquiste of Marie-Louise Tardif was about to be announced, “we would have been able to take Pierre Giguère, if we wanted to, but there was no question that he will become candidate for us,” said Mr. Lépine.

Despite this, he had offered Mr. Boisvert held a meeting between the deputy Giguère and François Bonnardel. On 10 April, Mr. Boisvert indicated to Mr. Lépine, “my deputy has changed his mind and we’ll take a small fall on it”.

However, the new liberal candidate for Laviolette, Saint-Maurice says that he was not aware of the approach of its employee. “I learned it by a journalist, I was angry at the time. Alain has done anything that he regrets it bitterly now, but this man has a heart so big that he could pick the moon for the world. I can’t blame him. I keep it as an employee. He has made a mistake,” said Pierre Giguère.

It recalls that in the month of February, the media were often questioned about his interest for the CAQ. “And I always closed the door double-locked. I wasn’t interested. I’ve always had the same answer,” says the current member of parliament for Saint-Maurice.

In addition, he noted that the situation has not been easy for his staff. “Since the 1st February, every day, there are citizens who come to the office to say that we are doing a good job and who want our team to stay. It was the drop of an ordeal for employees, raises it.

It is “with joy” that Pierre Giguère has agreed to be the candidate of the liberal Party of Quebec in the new county of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, and this, “at the request of Philippe Couillard”.

“The passion is always there, and I want to work hard with the citizens, organizations and different socio-economic actors for the development of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice. It is together that we will meet the challenges in order to bring the county even further”, he said.

The liberal association of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère will meet shortly to clarify the details of the investiture. The date, time and place of the inauguration will be known in the coming weeks.

If the activists of the Saint-Maurice “had difficulty going to work with Julie”, it does not contemplate the reverse. “I already know a few activists in Laviolette,” says the one who wants to be the place for members of this county Laviolette, “on my c. a.”.

In addition to Marie-Louise Late for the CAQ, it is likely to face former mp, pq, Luc Trudel, who prepares his return. “I have an interest. I’m going to have to go in the next few days. I am thinking very serious. The odds are greater that a month ago”, he admits.

His probable return in the policy is pushed, it says, by the economic state, but above all to the social of the county. “I have not felt the liberal Party to be a concern for people in trouble. Austerity is awfully wrong in a region like ours where we have more than our fair share of social problems, those excluded, in difficulty, in distress. At the same time, I look at the programme of the CAQ, and I say to myself that it didn’t make sense that we rembarque four years there. And I don’t see a person for the moment at Centre-de-la-Mauricie who has the size to defend this situation-here”, claims the one who was member of parliament for Saint-Maurice from 2012 to 2014.

Paying tribute to the work of Julie Boulet, Luc Trudel found that Pierre Giguère has been a lack of delicacy to the place of the regional minister, in announcing the same day of its intention to succeed him. “And the defectors have never had a long life in politics,” believes the one who finds that his future opponent liberal “a particular journey”.

During this time, on the south shore, this is a woman who will represent the Parti quebecois in Nicolet-Bécancour, Lucie Allard. The director general of the Centre for early childhood At-Me At-You will have its inauguration this Sunday at Nicolet and Jean-Martin Aussant will be the guest speaker.

“For me, it is the only party that can allow me to achieve my ambitions for the county and which has the best program”, said the president of the CLD of the MRC of Bécancour.

Having a high concern for the interests of families, Ms. Allard also wants to take care of economic development, protection of the territory and of the agricultural world. “There are a lot of the issues in our county. It takes audacity. We can not say that I am opportunistic. The big difference with Donald, this is the program of the Parti québécois”, she concluded.


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