Transformation of The Press: the national Assembly shall decide whether

Transformation de La Presse: l’Assemblée nationale devra se prononcer

The daily Press will need the cooperation of all the elected members of the national Assembly before it can transform and become a non-profit organization.

The quebec government had approved there are 51 years to the purchase of The Press by the Desmarais family through a private act. A new bill must now invalidate the old, if possible before the end of the parliamentary session on 15 June.

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The prime minister Philippe Couillard believes that an early adoption is possible, but “the collaboration of the opposition parties will be necessary.”

All the elected members of the national Assembly have hailed the transformation of The Press Tuesday, in so far as it preserves the quality and diversity of information in Quebec. “There was no concern on the future of the journal with this proposal”, believes Mr. Couillard.

According to him, it is necessary to continue to support the media in its transition to digital, as its government has started to do it for a year. In the last budget, the government Couillard has announced an aid of $ 64.7 million $ in the form of a tax credit to support the digital transition of the press.

Mr. Couillard is reluctant, however, to go further, in order to preserve the independence of newspapers. “I would be very, very careful before we establish a rule by which the governments or the political parties would be seen as being directly at the source of the funding of the media.”

The leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée has also argued in favor of the survival of the media, provided they are all treated fairly. “I want the government to have a program of assistance to the media who do no winner, no loser, that everyone is on the same footing. I don’t want a particular treatment for a particular media.”

François Bonnardel, member of parliament for the Coalition avenir Québec, recognizes that “the media are in crisis,” and that their situation is “extremely difficult”. According to him, the government must look at this situation and follow with attention the new model that The Press will develop. “It may be a single model, which will make may be small one day.”

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, member of parliament for Québec solidaire, see a good eye on the fact that The Press is moving away from “big economic interests”. “It is not uninteresting to try new business models in the media world, because obviously the current model has lead in the wing.”


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