The Gazette of the Mauricie region, invites the population

La Gazette de la Mauricie sollicite la population

Three-Rivers — Collect 10 000 $ in a month, this is the objective that the directors of the newspaper la Gazette de la Mauricie set at the launch of the annual fundraiser, held Tuesday in downtown Trois-Rivières. For this campaign, they had to call on eight women ambassadors and ambassadors from the region.

Among the ambassadors are Gaétan Boivin, president and ceo of the port Authority of Trois-Rivières, Jonathan Gariépy, director of 103,1 FM, Mylène Gervais, an artist and professor of visual arts at the UQTR, Marie-Pier Lemaire, cultural development officer with the MRC des Chenaux, Jason Luckerhoff, a professor in the department of humanities and social communication at the UQTR, Florence Pauquay, director, to Support the Mauricie region, Baptiste Prud’homme, author-composer-interpreter as well as Marie-Claude Thiffeault, responsible for communications and marketing at the microbrewery In the drum.

Founded more than thirty years, the Gazette de la Mauricie is published by a non-profit corporation. “The newspaper the Gazette is a journal of citizenship education that focuses on the promotion of the common well-being. We have a mandate to educate the population, to help our readers understand the important issues in the society and to make informed decisions,” explains Jean-Claude Landry, member of the board of directors.

In total, a dozen of editors work on a voluntary basis at the newspaper, the Gazette. The annual budget of $ 110,000 of the organization is primarily dedicated to the production, assembly, printing and distribution of this monthly 15,000 copies were printed. Asked about a possible transition to digital to reduce costs, the directors were formal. “It is impossible for us to neglect the paper, it is our way to differentiate ourselves,” says Steven Roy Cullen, an employee of the organization. He adds, moreover, that the journal wishes to improve its offer. “We are in discussion to increase our cultural coverage and fill the void left by the newspaper to See,” says Mr. Roy Cullen.

Media necessary
“It is important to value the importance of journalism and the promotion of discourse varied. It is important to have several sources of information so that people can make up their opinion. A recent study performed at the UQTR has demonstrated that young people of 15 to 24 years do not know the difference between a information journalistic verified and a false news. In addition, they base their perception of politics on what they see on social media,” says Jason Luckerhoff, a professor at the UQTR and one of eight spokespersons of the campaign.

On his side, Florence Pauquay, director, to Support the Mauricie region, considers that the Gazette offers a different perspective on social issues and that media diversity is important to ensure democracy. “Today, the media provide a critical analysis of social issues are rather rare. We’re going to work hard and move our networks to ensure the success of this fundraising campaign,” she concludes.

The funding campaign will end on the 13th of June next. The results will be announced at a 5 to 7 at the microbrewery for The time of a Pint.

The organization invites citizens to visit their web site to participate and highlight their commitment to this media.


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