The chairperson of the Committee on the rights of the person clings

La présidente de la Commission des droits de la personne s’accroche

The chairperson of the Committee on the rights of the person clings to his post despite the criticism. She asked to wait until the end of the québec ombudsman’s investigation before any impeachment process.

In a letter sent to the chairman of the national Assembly last week, Tamara Thermitus reiterates that the investigation conducted by the québec ombudsman following the resignation of the former vice-president of the youth Camil Picard is still not complete, and that the national Assembly should not be removed to the extent that the conclusions of this investigation are not known.

“I want to be heard and to shed light on this matter. Ask for my resignation or I remove so that the process before the public Protector has not yet been completed constitutes a serious denial of justice and an obstacle to the principles of natural justice, the most elementary,” writes Mrs. Thermitus.

Tamara Thermitus argued his vast legal experience to leave it in position. “I want to underline in particular my contribution in the resolution of the case of indian residential schools filed by victims of sexual abuse, abuse, physical abuse and psychological”, she says.

The president of the Commission of human rights asks, finally, that his rights are respected and wishes to be “heard by the parliamentarians in a timely manner”.

Management Style criticized

In early may, the Parti québécois (PQ) and Coalition avenir Québec both had asked for the resignation of Ms. Thermitus, after the filing of a report criticising his style of management, deemed to be inappropriate.

In his report, the former assistant minister Lise Verreault emphasized that the style of the president “tends to create resistance and the demobilization staff.”

In response, the vice-leader of the PQ, Véronique Hivon, said that if Ms. Thermitus not resigned not, the national Assembly should then remove the trust in it. The minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée, for its part, had said that the decision to leave the post or not the president of the Commission was the responsibility of all parliamentarians, and not of his own.

At this time, Mrs. Valley had held that no impeachment process would only be initiated as the québec ombudsman’s investigation would not be completed.


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