Québec supports Shawinigan Aluminum

Québec soutient Shawinigan Aluminium

SHAWINIGAN — Shawinigan Aluminum gets a financial assistance of Québec of a million $ for the achievement of an energy efficiency project valued at more than $ 2.3 million.

This financial support comes from the program ÉcoPerformance the green Fund managed by energy Transition Quebec. Shawinigan Aluminum will replace with this using an oven as well as burner traditional cold air with a combustion efficiency of 50 % for both burners with heat recovery-type regeneration with a combustion efficiency of over 80 %.

“In addition to affecting the decrease in the specific consumption of natural gas per ton of aluminum melted, the transaction will increase the capacity of recasting average of the plant”, one can read in the press release of the announcement of this investment in Quebec.

In addition to promoting a reduction in the consumption of natural gas, this project Shawinigan Aluminium should therefore reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Once the project is completed, the plant will have reduced its emissions of 2093 tons of greenhouse gases annually.

“These are innovative solutions like the one used by Shawinigan Aluminium to help us achieve the goals we have set in the energy Policy 2030. In this sense, the project of energy conversion of Shawinigan Aluminum is perfectly aligned with the vision of our government,” said the minister of Energy and natural Resources, Pierre Moreau.

The minister responsible for the region, Julie Boulet, encourages them to share of all firms to perform such energy-saving initiatives, and take advantage of the measures put in place by Quebec.

“I am delighted that a company of us to follow suit and wants to make a difference in terms of energy transition. Each gesture represents a further step towards the achievement of the targets of the province of Quebec”, adds from his side, Pierre Giguère, member of parliament for Saint-Maurice.


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