Place in the Museum’s POP!

Place au Musée POP!

Trois-Rivières, The Musée québécois de culture populaire is no longer… long Live the Museum POP!

The place devoted to the quebec culture in all its forms has indeed taken a turn of 360 degrees with respect to its appellation and to its brand image. As The Short-story was revealed a few weeks ago, the leaders of the museum, located at the intersection of streets Laviolette and Hart in the city centre of Trois-Rivières were working well on this important project and was entrusted with the mandate to create the firm) Sidekick. The announcement was made in the late afternoon on Tuesday.

The stated goal of this change is to adopt an attitude that is more simple, more modern and more impactful without changing the operation or the mission of the place. In addition, it seems that the studies related to the positioning strategy of the institution, which have been carried out by the University of Quebec at Three-Rivers, have found that the previous name was long and difficult to remember.

“Even me, I was melee at the beginning! […] Moreover, it was not totally representative of where we wanted to go and what we want to offer our clients,” explains the Museum’s director general, Valérie Therrien.

“A name that is efficient business, approach, of memory and of notoriety, it wants to be short, current, and distinctive. And it was meant to be evocative of the mission of the Museum,” says one of the designers who worked on this project, Denis Roy.

During the process of creating the new logo, the team members of his Sidekick were inspired by artifacts part of the Museum’s collection, including wooden objects carved by hand. They have stopped their choice on typography rather rounded and uneven, in order to leave the impression of an intervention of a human hand. They have adopted the same approach for colors. These will be variables and may be textured, which will adapt the logo to various promotional tools that will be used in the future.

“We will put a particular emphasis on the POP because people tend to shorten. In the end, people are going to bring it to its most simple expression. Safe bet that POP will supplant the Museum in the language of the people”, continued Mr. Roy.

The latter also indicates that this project is the last which he had begun as an employee of Acolyte. For the sake of transparency, it was decided to leave the firm and go to his account as a consultant when he was elected as a district councillor Mary of the Incarnation last November.

New web site

This renewal is not limited to the logo and the name. The website has also been completely revamped and will be operational for the next tourist season. It will have a new address ( and the brand new there will of course be present.


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