Investment of a billion $ in two years

Des investissements d’un milliard $ en deux ans

THREE-RIVERS — Nearly $ 460 million in investments, 152 expansion projects, 1146 jobs maintained or created: this is the balance of Innovation and economic Development Trois-Rivières, which speaks of a year of growth by 2017 for businesses in Trois-Rivières and Bécancour.

And the confidence seems to be permanently installed so that in the course of the past two years, it is more than a billion dollars has been invested, predominantly in the manufacturing and high-technology.

“Companies have invested heavily and they have also hired”, launched by the director general, Mario De Tilly, at the annual general meeting held on Tuesday.

In fact, the year 2017 has been marked by a significant decline in the unemployment rate, from 7 % to 6% in average over a year. As for the number of people in employment, it has increased from 74 700 75 700.

A strategic partner of IDE Trois-Rivières, has been involved in no less than 225 projects on the territory he in 2017. The organization has granted 1.38 million dollars in financial aid through its various programmes, which has generated investments of $ 25.3 million and enabled the company to maintain or create 319 jobs.

The team has also continued its efforts of exploration, taking part in five international conferences and participating in the hosting of four foreign delegations. Thirty-four layout proposals have been submitted, resulting in eight projects, for a total of $ 77 million in investments.

Firmly believing that the attraction of manufacturing companies and the development of brownfield sites through the creation of a portfolio of buildings, the board of directors of IDE Trois-Rivières has adopted, in 2017, an ambitious Strategy of real estate development. The organization, which already owned five buildings, has acquired two additional in 2017, the business Centre, the city centre, and the industrial Complex Stace, in the industrial park of High-Forges.

On the side of the city centre of Trois-Rivières, the efforts undertaken in recent years to attract new professionals have given excellent results. As well, 19 business offices have opened their doors, occupying 35, 000 square feet of space previously vacant, for a total of 127 new jobs.

On the side of the City of Bécancour, with which IDE Trois-Rivières has an agreement for the economic development, four expansion projects have seen the light of day, for investments of 50 million dollars, which has created 38 jobs. A dozen projects are also active in prospecting for potential creation of 295 jobs.

Next to tourism, the season 2017 has been outstanding in Three Rivers, while the main events and attractions have been achalandages records. At the tourist information Office only, there was an increase of 29% in one year. The interest has also been marked on the web, whereas the Internet site interested in one of the 1.07 million visitors, an increase of 33 %.

“Since the adoption of its Strategy of accelerating the economic development, in 2016, the team of IDE Trois-Rivières is fully mobilized to achieve its vision, namely to make our city an economic force nationally and a model of economic development. The results delivered again this year prove that our efforts are bearing fruit,” said the president, Yves Lacroix.

“With investments of more than a billion in two years, the entrepreneurs of Trois-Rivières and Bécancour confirm to us that they have confidence in our economy, which is excellent news,” said mayor Yves Lévesque.


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