Glaude will not have a pass-right

Glaude n’aura pas de passe-droit

THREE-RIVERS — Like last year, the Eagles began their training camp with a single Québécois virtually guaranteed to land a position with the team. But David Glaude knows, there will be no pass-right.

In 2017, the launcher Guillaume Blanchette was part of the staff of launchers, before being thanked during the season. Glaude had arrived a little later due to his commitments to the University, Missouri Western State, where he set several team records. It has made a presence at the stick with the Capitals of Quebec, before arriving to Trois-Rivières.

He surprised many in his debut, striking the ball with authority. His batting average has subsequently declined to end the season to ,222. It did not hurt that appeared not to the key position of shortstop, where he is shot with an efficiency percentage of ,961 in nearly 50 matches.

So here he is back in the bosom of the Birds, without great surprise. Nothing in his game would not have convinced T. J. Stanton not to remember it for 2018, especially as it will be the only francophone in the group! “T. J. has been practicing his French with me,” smiled the likeable athlete from Quebec, who aspires to become the player utility by excellence group. “The goal is still to play each day, but I know that we have improved the team, and that this may be more difficult, especially as I am a rookie. A year ago, I had forced T. J. to keep me and I will approach this campaign the same way. It is necessary to always be ready, both mentally and physically. However, I know that I don’t have a particular benefits simply because I’m a guy from Quebec. The Eagles don’t put on a pedestal.”

For the moment, the post of inter seems to belong to Sam Dexter, 24, a newcomer who does not, however, a great experience to this position.

He has said many things about the atmosphere in the locker room of the club in the past year. Stanton has even confessed on Monday that he was enraged to see that he wanted more the victory that some door-colors. Glaude is not insensitive to these concerns. “I think we brought a lot of leadership through new acquisitions. I hope that the mentality will be better. I do not know much about the guy, but I already feel that many of them are very competitive. This is a good sign.”

The Eagles will play a first match-preparatory Thursday, to Thetford Mines in the face of the Blue Sox baseball League the Quebec major…

Without naming them, Stanton has already identified five or six leaders in his current group. It is more than last year, he says…

Outfielder Michael Suchy, and the first-order Kevin Cornelius make a good impression at practice, the stick up here… “Suchy has really all the qualities of a good baseball player. It’s quite an athlete,” said Stanton.

On the mound, the manager has been surprised by the physical fitness displayed by Ethan Elias. Chris Murphy, who returns for a second season, appears to have better control of his shots…

The Dominican Angel Rinco and Venezuelan Alberth Martinez and Yender Camaro, tipped to be the second pitcher in the rotation, are expected in the coming days.


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