Allegations of sexual misconduct: NDP mp suspended

Allégations d’inconduite sexuelle: une députée du NPD suspendue

OTTAWA — new democrat mp Christine Moore was suspended Tuesday from his duties within the caucus of the New democratic Party (NDP) due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

It is this same elected who had accused his colleague Erin Weir to have harassed several women in an email sent to the entire caucus of the NDP in February. It has been excluded by the chief Jagmeet Singh last Friday after having been the subject of an independent investigation.

An ex-military alleged that Ms. Moore would have been an inappropriate behavior to its place in 2013, when he was vulnerable and that she was in a position of authority.

Glen Kirkland had delivered a testimony to emotional parliamentary committee on the treatment of injured soldiers in Afghanistan. He had suffered significant injuries that had left scars.

Contacted by The canadian Press, he confirmed that the mp in quebec had invited him to his office after his testimony, had urged him to drink gin, in spite of the medications he was taking, and had followed up in his hotel room. Later, she visited him at Brandon, Manitoba, to visit him against his will.

“I do not cry rape, but what I can say is that if I was a woman and he was a member of the male sex, that is what you think would happen?” he said, stating that he had no intention of throwing allegations at any wind, but that rather, he had been contacted recently by a CBC journalist asking for confirmation of information.

Allegations serious enough for Mr. Singh decides to initiate an investigation, the second exercise of its kind in three months.

“I take these allegations very seriously and I will be appointing an independent investigator to conduct an investigation fair and thorough,” said the chief, a new democrat via e-mail.

Ms. Moore did not want to give interview on Tuesday. “I intend to participate in the fair and independent investigation into these allegations, she said in a written statement. Out of respect for the integrity and fairness of the process, I will not make other additional comments for the moment.”

Several ndp members questioned Tuesday afternoon supported the decision of their leader.

“I think that in the circumstances, it is the right thing to do”, commented Pierre-Luc Dusseault. Clarify what happened and make a decision with the facts in an informed way.”

“The chief has made his decision and it is with him”, he just said Alexandre Boulerice.

It is the allegations “troubling”, according to Matthew Dubé that supports “trust the process”.

“It is important that there are not two weights and two measures, it is exactly for it that the same gesture has been made, that is to say, to have an independent investigation and suspension functions as Mr. Weir”, he added.

Mr Singh was expelled on Friday the member of parliament Erin Weir at the end of an investigation into allegations of harassment and sexual harassment because he had the day before challenged the results of this investigation.

It is his colleague Christine Moore, who was accused to have harassed several women, including employees of the party. It had stated not having done the subject, but Mr. Singh had found that the allegations were serious enough to suspend the member of saskatchewan the time of the survey.

Christine Moore represented the riding of Abitibi – Témiscamingue, in the House of commons since the orange wave of 2011. It is suspended from its role as a critic of rurality and economic development Agency of Canada for the regions of Quebec and will no longer be able to serve on parliamentary committees. His role within the caucus of the NDP will be re-evaluated at the end of the survey.


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