ABI: the parties meet with Bouchard

ABI: les parties rencontrent Bouchard

Bécancour — The direction of the Bécancour Smelter and the leaders of the united Steelworkers Union will meet Friday, separately, the special mediator Lucien Bouchard to its offices in Montreal in view of the resumption of the talks in the folder of the lock-out that lasts for four months.

“This is just the part of association. Probably he will have met with the employer. It’s going to give us an idea. It is a little to prepare the ground before the face-to-face and make the point,” said the president of local 9700, the compassionate, the Mass, which will be accompanied by the quebec director of the Steelworkers Union, Alain Croteau, and his deputy.

Last week, the employer had informed the ministry of Labour that he was ready to initiate new negotiations in order to sign a collective agreement multi-year. On Wednesday, members of the ABI will demonstrate in Pittsburgh, on the sidelines of the meeting of shareholders of Alcoa. Clement Mass will be back in time for his meeting with Lucien Bouchard.

The direction of the ABI confirmed that it would also meet the special mediator on Friday.


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