A very long birth

Un bien long accouchement

TROIS-RIVIÈRES — don’t Do the jump during your visits on your platform, download favorite or in any record store and saw the album Boomtown Coffee in the group Abbittibbi from the 11th of may next. This is the original album, it was in 1981. Not even a new version. In fact, it is a little the revenge of Richard Desjardins and his buddies on the destiny.

Originally, the group, which had its base of fans in her corner of the country, had sought out producers to fund the album project. There were few candidates, but it’s still got to finish a budget to Boomtown Coffee. “We recorded with little money and a lot of time,” said Richard Desjardins. We had good equipment and they gave very good performances, but let’s say that was not evil in the gap of what is called the industry.” Nevertheless, they recorded an album, the end all the more just that he has materialized in the form of a vinyl record well before the vinyl becomes sexy.

“We quickly lost the producers in the fog so that we never really knew how many we had printed copies, and even less how many have sold. As someone wanted it to play to the AM radio on the speakers of two inches, we mixed the album in the studio, overwriting both the bass as the treble. There are even instruments that have disappeared completely on the final version. We did a small launch to Rouyn and then after that, it was totally black.”

As well say that the adventure has had the taste of disappointment for the musicians, and that this taste has persisted, even though attenuated, for some 37 years. And then, in recent years, Desjardins has been in contact with a producer who believed that the original tapes could still exist somewhere. It was found after meticulous research. Desjardins has redeemed. The little bitterness that was dormant in him during all these years could finally disappear.

“What’s funny, is that it is not the album, the spell, simply. This is the album that we had originally designed, neither more nor less. A first album is always long to do: ours it took 37 years! For me, this is not the nostalgia that putting it on the market, it is simply to put the things in place as they should have been from the start. I would say that the feeling which lives in me, that’s more than a relief. Finally, we looped the loop.”

“We don’t ever come to the idea of reworking the album. It had worked well from the beginning. According to me, this is a very good album that we had developed and that was done very well. Of course, it was the sound that was the time it and that is good. Everything is chiseled. What I like above all, it is the use that we make of all the sound spectrum. There was a saxophonist who played various saxophones, flute, piccolo, etc .. One even has a violin, something that we no longer hear on albums today.”

“We also had a small side of the rock with the electric guitar and solos, as this no longer happens. And all of this was done without a synthesizer. It was the good old music well-made and it is for this reason that it deserves to be heard.”

The launch in Montreal on may 11, will be the chance for old chums to get together again. “We will not play. Some are even more music in the gang. Let’s say that more than a launch, it’s gonna be like a conventum”, laugh the one that has given some songs from this album initial a long life. We think the tall, Handsome, slow, or Boomtown Coffee that have stuck to the solo repertoire of Desjardins.

His career has propelled to extraordinary heights in 1981, but it casts about this time an emotional gaze. “It is true that it was the right time. We did shows for three, four hours, and it was good music. I just find that I sing better today!”

The album in its digital format, cd and even vinyl will be available as of may 11, in lot more than 1000 copies.


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