The trust exists for the Diablos

La confiance règne chez les Diablos

THREE-RIVERS — François Dussault is not the type to take away. The years spent watching his father gravitate in the world of professional football and school to enable her to calculate her media contributions without putting too much pressure on his players.

But at the end of the two weekends of the camp in spring of Diablos Cégep de Trois-Rivières, one thing is clear: this vintage 2018 is already talking about it for the right reasons.

It is still early to speculate on the chances of reaching the highest peaks in division 2 college football, except that the physical tests of the last days portend the happy days in the Red. “We’re bigger, bigger and more athletic than last year,” says Dussault, who admits to being out of the evaluation exercise, a little tired… and overwhelmed!

“It’s challenging for everyone. We delayed the camp in April and ahead of the end of may to paste it over two weekends. I liked what I saw and I’m not the only one.”

More than 80 teens and young adults have responded to the invitation proffered by Dussault and his team of coaches, essentially the same as in 2017. “80 guys, it is a bit more than in the past. And when I look at the kernel, this is huge! At the moment I’m burned, but I’m so excited that the season starts.”

Several alumni have lent hand-strong to the Diablos during the camp, a great help is appreciated by the people in place. However, a great deal of energy exuded on the field. It must be said that they are many to predict a sunny autumn at the stage of the college.

“It’s all about! With the celebrations of our 50 years which are coming soon, there is a good dynamic around the team. The guys were beaten not far from 75% of our best results in physical tests, if you compare it to other editions.”

In this chapter, note that the rusher Michael Morin, a product of the Green and Gold of the St. Joseph Seminary, has raised 345 pounds at the test bench. The other carrier, Mathieu Leboeuf (Booms), has also been witnessing the wide eyes.

“It seems to have a good succession to this position” emphasizes Dussault, just as praise towards the players in defensive Guillaume Beaulac (SJS), Felix Simoneau (Booms) as well as the offensive lineman Henry Beaumier, of the Pioneers. “He is already physically ready for college football. It is rare for a young man of his age, then it is a beautiful project.”

The camps were now behind him, Francis Dussault will use the coming weeks to continue his recruitment for the medium and long term.

Since the young people of the secondary schools are currently located in camp spring, he will travel around the region, in order to analyze future talent. “We are already preparing 2019, 2020 and 2021!”

Except that it admits that it is difficult not to think about the 1st of September 2018, when his Diablos will stride down the field for the first time in the regular schedule against the Seams of Thetford.

Normal, the season that arrives is filled with hope.


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