Of ex-workers from the Kruger claim their due

D'ex-travailleurs de Kruger réclament leur dû

THREE-RIVERS — Some 150 former workers of the plant at Kruger’s Trois-Rivières claim to their former employer for the payment of severance pay ranging from $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 per worker.

About 50 of these ex-employees of the stationery were in front of the factory on the boulevard Gene-H. Kruger Monday morning to claim what they regard as a due. These people have been the object of a layoff in 2010. According to them, the employer has not complied with the time limit attached to a notice of termination, as provided for in the Act respecting labour standards, which made Kruger their should be an amount representing approximately 12 weeks of pay. “We knew our layoff two or three weeks prior to the date of our walk. The company said that it has sent a letter before, but for a first wave of layoffs. They are trying to pass our layoff in the first wave,” laments Alain Chartray, one of the ex-workers affected by this folder.

According to Mr. Chartray, the union representing the workers of the factory, has been challenged by grievance that has been accepted.

“It’s been three times that it was successful before the various courts. But the employer defers, denies the number of weeks. After eight years, it would be necessary for it to rule. The 150 workers are still there, you don’t give up. It is said to Mr. Kruger that he gives us what he owes us,” adds Mr. Chartray.

Kruger has been obtained from the Court of appeal judgment allowing him to appeal a decision of the superior Court, which upheld the decision of an arbitrator. The interpretation of the notice of collective dismissal is at the heart of the disagreement.

Gerry St-Louis has worked for 23 years at the factory Kruger. This former operator of the paper machine is recycled in a different area, but he wanted to be the manifestation of Monday. “I was laid off on July 4, 2010 and it was known the new one to two weeks before. I find it common to run after my money. And what I think is a common also, is to see in the media and in the governments that Kruger is seen as an employer of choice. It receives funding. But he does not treat his employees the right way,” says Dr. St-Louis, whose severance is approaching 15 000 $.

This folder will again be debated on the 28th of may. The ex-workers are waiting to know the decision will be made as a result of this new chapter. Other public actions are in the menu.

The management of Kruger refuses to comment on a matter that is still before the courts.


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