Messages to pass on to shareholders

Des messages à passer aux actionnaires

BÉCANCOUR — A hundred lockoutés, ABI took the start on Monday night in the direction of Pittsburgh for an event on the sidelines of the meeting of shareholders of Alcoa scheduled for Wednesday. And a delegation of five representatives steelworkers, the holders of shares of Alcoa or who have in hand proxies representing shareholders, will enter the room to attend the annual meeting and to hear of the shareholders.

Despite the prospect of a resumption of the talks, the Steelworkers union deems it necessary to go to the United States. “We haven’t had a meeting yet with the employer. It is not known in what state of mind it will come to the table of negotiations. We do not know if it is going to be successful or if we will hear. So, for us, it is important to pass the message to the shareholders that they lose money as long as there is no regulation and make them understand that it is a bad decision”, told the Nouvelliste, the president of the local section 9700, Clement Mass.

He continues to say that the employer would have an interest to continue the negotiations. “We want to pass messages to the company, the officers and especially the shareholders,” says-t it.

Last week, the direction of the Bécancour Smelter announced that it was ready to initiate new negotiations in the presence of the mediators, Lucien Bouchard and Jean Nolin, and this, after four months of lock-out.

“This is the first time that the employer says he is going to come and negotiate. They have never had mandates. The first thing you will check when you will be sitting with them, do they have a mandate to negotiate or did they just mandate us to file a document and go. For the moment, we are going with not too much waiting for not to be disappointed,” he commented, while admitting that its members were “not too optimistic” relative to the mediation.

In addition, the union has been successful in its complaint with respect to strike-breakers. The judge Christian Drolet has recognized the use of a breaker of a strike, which led him to ordain temporarily at the employer to cease such practice and to provide a list of all of the frames in position.

“The employer was very aware that he was not complying with the law. He knew that it was illegal what he was doing. What it shows us is that it probably needs to, when it is not there, continue to act illegally in the factory. It is obvious that the employer uses for other strike-breakers. It’s just to demonstrate the dishonesty of the employer,” says Mr. Mass.

In his opinion, this practice represents “another item which just further weaken our power relationship with the employer”, also referred to the fact that the situation allows the company to evade its obligations to Hydro-Québec. “These are elements which create conflict in débalançant the balance of power between the parties in a negotiation”, does he want to remind the government.


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