Five bowlers at the national Games of special olympics

Cinq quilleurs aux Jeux nationaux des olympiques spéciaux

Three-Rivers — Five bowlers of the region will have the opportunity to earn their ticket for the world Games of the special olympics, then they will take part in the national component, from may 14 to 20, to Summerside in Prince Edward island.

This competition aims to promote the practice of sport among people with intellectual disabilities. Summerside, each athlete will compete in nine parts, three in a team of four individuals, three duos and three solo. At the end of the performance, an individual classification will determine the 16 bowlers who will be representing Canada at the world Games in Abu Dhabi, in march 2019.

Alone at the rendezvous
This year, the competition will take place in a special way because the bowlers will be only at the rendezvous. The main pane of the event must be presented this summer in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. However, as there was no bowling alley is available to host the tournament, the organizers have had to accelerate this portion of the appointment in the neighboring province.

In all, five athletes from the region have taken the road of l’île-du-Prince-Édouard. Stéphanie Plamondon and Richard Lavoie, Shawinigan, Alexandre Béliveau, Saint-Célestin, as well as Nina Mercier and Pierre Marchand, Trois-Rivières, defend, therefore, the colors of the province in the next few days. Dealer has already donned the uniform of Canada during the world Games of special olympics, 8 years ago, in Greece.

“Our group is made up of athletes between 35 and 50 years. Most of the athletes of the region have already participated in the national Games in the past”, underlines Gélinas, who will be assisted by Sylvain Dupont and Nancy Goulet at the helm of the team.


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