VIA Rail meets the economic environment

VIA Rail rencontre le milieu économique

THREE-RIVERS — representatives from VIA Rail, met on Friday with stakeholders from the economic environment of Trois-Rivières on the subject of the project to train high frequency (TGF) that would link Quebec city and Windsor. This meeting helped to bring down some of the concerns of businesses in the region.

“We saw a few weeks ago some of the concerns of enterprises in the transport of goods”, explained following the meeting the member of parliament for Trois-Rivières, Jean-Denis Girard.

Representatives of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Trois-Rivières, Industry and economic development (IDE) Three-Rivers, manufacturing companies and the transport industry, including the Port of Trois-Rivières, took part in this meeting with VIA Rail.

“We have brought together all the agencies that are near as concerned by the project of VIA Rail,” says the liberal mp.

“Several stakeholders from the region had technical issues on the project. The meeting allowed participants to respond to them.”

This meeting has helped all stakeholders in the region to have the latest information on the project.

“It allows for collaboration between all stakeholders to rowing in the same direction to move this project forward,” adds Jean-Denis Girard.

The member of parliament for Trois-Rivières pointed out, however, that the future of the major project in transport that would allow them to travel quickly between the major cities of Quebec and Ontario is between the hands of the federal government.

“We must continue to put pressure and hope that the federal government supports the project for the train will see the light of day very soon,” says the member of parliament for Trois-Rivières. “VIA Rail is ready to go forward.”


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