Trudeau wants to reform and modernize the RCMP

Trudeau veut réformer et moderniser la GRC

OTTAWA – The Trudeau government has asked the new commissioner of the royal Canadian mounted police to reform and modernise the culture of the federal police of canada, to protect its employees from violence and harassment in the workplace, and to address reconciliation with aboriginal people.

The government also requested that the commissioner Brenda Lucki to make the RCMP more representative of the diverse population of Canada by adopting the principle of parity between the sexes and ensuring that women, aboriginal peoples and minorities are represented in positions of leadership.

A letter sent to Ms. Lucki by the federal minister of public Safety, Ralph Goodale explained that the RCMP “should be a modern organisation that reflects the values and culture of Canadians.”

The letter adds that it will also give priority to improving the health and well-being within the RCMP, after an internal investigation had determined that the police did not meet the mental health needs of its members due to a lack of resources, oversight fails and a lack of support from supervisors.

Ms. Lucki became the 24th commissioner of the RCMP on April 16. It is also the first woman to take the reins permanently.


Asylum seekers: Canada sends three representatives to Nigeria

The canadian government is working to curb the influx of asylum seekers from Nigeria unlawfully crossing the border with the United States, said Monday officials.

About 2500 asylum seekers, the majority of Nigerians, entered Canada illegally in April, bringing to more than 7300 the total number since the beginning of the year, a sharp rise compared to last year.

A number of “disproportionate” of them end up in Quebec along a forest road to the north of the State of New York leading in Canada, said Ahmed Hussen, the minister of Immigration at a press conference.

At the request of Canada, the american authorities have recently tightened their lending process tourist visa for Nigerians, and Mr. Hussen will soon be in Nigeria for the opportunity to formally discuss this issue.

About “70 to 80” asylum-seekers crossing each day irregularly the border by a path, located about 70 km south of Montreal, said Ralph Goodale, minister of public Safety.

Last year, more than 21, 000 illegal immigrants had been intercepted by the federal police and allowed to submit an asylum application, including a majority of Haitians.

“A little over 90% of the irregular migrants do not meet our criteria for obtaining the status of refugee “and they will have to leave” Canada, “of which about 200” within two weeks, said Marc Garneau, minister of Transport.

The influx of asylum seekers in an irregular situation in Canada has coincided in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States and its promise to deport more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The announcement of the removal by the United States of the special status enjoyed by 60 000 Haitians (July 2019) and 200,000 Salvadorans (September 2019) as well as 60 000 Hondurans (January 2020 fears of the massive arrival of migrants to Canada.

“The most recent data demonstrate a reduction drastic in the number of asylum-seekers, of haitian origin, [ … ] and the flow of latino migrants did not materialize”, pointed out, however, Mr. Garneau.

This result is due, according to him, the “hard work” carried out by emissaries of the canadian government to these communities in the United States to try to dissuade them from migrating illegally to Canada.


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