“The voice” crown Yama

«La voix» couronne Yama

Without surprise, Yama Lawrence, the candidate of team Garou, has easily won the 6th presentation of “The voice” at TVA, Sunday, garnering 60% of the vote, in a final almost exclusively dedicated to the French-language song.

“Thank you to each of you who voted for me, said smiling and without crying Yama after his victory, it is like an adoption”. The young woman from Haiti, this will have lie the famous word of the gospel, which affirms that “the first shall be last”, she who had been the first to tread the boards with blind auditions of the reality tv musical, creating an immediate buzz, which has led right to victory.

As the winner, the diva soul 27 year old has interpreted the ballad, A few of us, written by his coach Garou, for a benefit that was not, let’s face it, his best of the competition. But the wave of love from the public was stronger than anything, and Yama came away with a record contract and a scholarship of $50,000.

The other finalists, Yann Brassard in Baie Saint-Paul (team Alex Nevsky), Jonathan Freeman of Sept-Îles (team Éric Lapointe), and Miriam Baghdassarian Montreal team (Lara Fabian), however, have not to be ashamed of their performance.

Yann Cuff, 24 years, said the Michael Jackson of Charlevoix (which garnered 13 % of the vote), has interpreted the joyful piece of pop Amanda, written by his coach Nevsky, which allowed him to use his head movement signature, and its not of characteristic dances.

Jonathan Freeman, 25 years, “the abominable beast of the North Shore”, says Éric Lapointe (7 % of the vote), for his part, agreed with the ballad let me in, created by Lapointe, Michel Rivard and Stéphane Dufour.

Miriam Baghdassarian, 19 years old (20 % of the vote), was able to be put in the tooth the energetic I want to give its coach Lara Fabian, who has probably written to his young protégé of Armenian origin, the best original song among the four in the final.

In French PLEASE!

Side show, we have broken with the tradition of providing an international star (and English) as headliners such as Def Leppard or other New Kids on the Block. But it would be lying to say that the evening has not been to the height.

The main heading of this end of the season was Ginette Reno, THE voice of Quebec, as the has presented, the facilitator, Charles Lafortune. The singer first belted out The essential, with Yama and Miriam, then, was the tenderness with the boys more (Yann) or less (Jonathan) of happiness. She ended her performance with the inevitable A bit over the top , accompanied by four coaches.

«La voix» couronne Yama

Ginette Reno sang “A little higher” accompanied by the four coaches of The voice.


The author-composer-interpreter with French Christophe Maé (very well known in France and very little here) was the only one to come from far away to interpret its success, It is where the happiness with all the participants of the direct of this year.

Then followed the coaches, Genevieve Leclerc (The voice 4), Coeur de pirate, Crow, the winner of last year, Ludovick Bourgeois, Patsy Gallant, Nico Archambault and a part of the team of Saturday Night Fever.

Lastly, the refreshing participation of the young singer androgynous Quebec Hubert Lenoir, who has completed his play the Daughter of person II showing it off proudly… spanks her tattooed a fleur-de-lys.

Charles Lafortune has ended the evening by inviting us to “follow The voice“, without specifying whether the competition would be back next year.


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