The conservative critics of the feminist approach to Trudeau

Des conservatrices critiquent l’approche féministe de Trudeau

OTTAWA – Rachael Harder has taken it as an insult. “Women and girls from across the country have seen their prime minister stand up and say: “as the prime minister of Canada, it is up to me to decide if your values are good or not””, has launched the conservative member for Lethbridge.

“What is it that prevents say the same thing to any woman in this room?”, she continued, in front of conservative from the Ottawa area gathered in a pub overlooking the Rideau river, in April.

Rachael Harder, made reference to at the time, last fall, when the liberals decided to block his appointment as president of the committee of the House of commons on the status of women because of his position on abortion.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau had supported this decision, stating that the committee should be led by someone who defended the rights of women unequivocally.

“This is a prime minister who claims to be a prime minister, a feminist,” said the elected alberta, who is the spokesperson for the conservative Party on the status of women. “However, he has shown little or no respect for the personal choices or the personal freedoms of women.”

Justin Trudeau has made the fight for gender equality a priority of his government.

A federal budget-conscious of its impact on women. A policy of using international feminist. The proposal of a chapter of a feminist for the free trade Agreement north american. A consultative council on gender for the G7, with none other than the winner of the Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai. And of course, the reply “because it’s 2015” on the questions of journalists on his cabinet with equal representation.

The liberal government has labeled as a resolutely feminist. But what place leave it to a conservative woman who considers themselves a feminist?

Sabrina Sotiriu, who attended the discourse of Mrs. Harder, says he is frustrated, but still impressed.

“I hate it, but I think it works very well,” she admitted, laughing.

The young wife of 31 years, who works for the conservative Party of Canada, explains that the liberals have managed to define feminism in their own terms, so that any person in disagreement with their approach sees to be described antiféministe.

Rachel Curran, director of policy under former-prime minister Stephen Harper, claims that, as a feminist of long standing, she liked the commitment of Justin Trudeau to the defence of the rights of women when it came to power.

Now, she laments that the liberals are using feminism as a political weapon.

“They have transformed the issues of gender in a species of apple of discord or a matter of identity, that goes up women have a certain set of beliefs or a certain way of approaching the issues feminists against what the government sees as the true version or the correct version of feminism”, explains she.

The controversy surrounding the Canada summer Jobs is seen as an example.

Ottawa now requires that organizations seeking federal grants to hire students during the summer attest that they respect human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights such as abortion.

Several faith-based organizations say they have had to choose between their values and the valuable grants that allowed them to carry out programs without the slightest relation to abortion.

Rachael Harder raises the visions of liberal and conservative feminism also differ because of their positions larger, which is summarized in the opposition between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes.

To support her idea, she referred to the most recent federal budget, where a budget of $ 19.9 million over five years has been allocated to encourage women to take courses in the skilled trades, with a strong male predominance.

“We should ensure that all barriers fall and that women have the opportunity to enter these sectors? Yes, absolutely. But should we manipulate the company so that there are 50 percent women and 50 percent men in each sector?” launches Rachael Harder, falsely accusing liberals to impose quotas in the skilled trades.

“It does not respect the choice of the woman. It does not respect his freedom. It does not comply with its interests and objectives in his own life.”

It disdains the idea that – even if the rising tide raised in fact all the boats, as affirmed by the conservatives – some women, however, need a helping hand to get out heads out of the water.

“This is the thing the more patriarchal than I have ever heard,” she said.


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