QS is a candidate little known to replace Khadir

QS mise sur une candidate peu connue pour remplacer Khadir

MONTREAL – Quebec solidaire is a candidate little known to the public to keep the electoral district of Mercier, in Montreal, left vacant by the departure of the mna Amir Khadir.

Ruba Ghazal, a long-time advocate of the political formation of the left, will announce Monday morning that she briguera the investiture in Mercier.

Although it is always remained out of the spotlight, Ms. Ghazal, aged 40 years, is linked to Québec solidaire since the foundation of the political party. This advocate of the secularism open, had participated in the negotiations that led to the creation of the training policy in the mid-2000s and had testified to the sides of Francoise David at the Bouchard-Taylor Commission in 2007.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in a palestinian family refuge, Ruba Ghazal, came to Quebec at the age of 10 years. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in accounting from HEC Montreal and a master in environment at Université de Sherbrooke, it has made its way into the manufacturing settings.

She has worked at Bombardier, and Church & Dwight in environmental management and health and safety. Ruba Ghazal is now Director of health, safety and environment at O-I, a manufacturer of glass containers.

Amir Khadir had captured the electoral district of Mercier in the pq members in 2008, which allowed him to become the first member is attached to the national Assembly. Amir Khadir was then re-elected in 2012 and 2014.


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