A streetcar named Régis

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Un tramway nommé Régis

CHRONIC / Always blunt, sometimes gruff, but also laughing and throwing formulas effective, Régis Labeaume has certainly delivered one of the segments, the more entertaining this last season of “Tout le monde en parle” on Sunday. I grant him my star of the match. The other politician, Andrew Scheer, has not may not be is full of voters, leaving is all the same thing.

“It was made here,” said mayor Labeaume about the transport system structuring. It sweeps from the back of the hand the accusations of the opposition have hidden this project to the voters during the campaign, and recalls that “70% of people have voted for the transportation structure”. “The opposition did it the american way: deny the obvious,” slice-t-it. About the third link, the mayor of Quebec city has repeated that it would be necessary to prove that it is good for his city. To those who find that it is long to switch from one bank to the other, he had this message: “Would they come to Montreal. Just now, it took me two hours Quebec-Montreal, and two hours to montreal-Montreal!”

“We did 1.2 million last year,” recalled the mayor about the Centre Videotron, cost-effective for the city, but not for Quebecor. “That shits not everywhere, we have done a good deal, “says the mayor, despite the fact that his city has still not Nordic. “We can sell you Canadians if you want to,” he has launched Dany Turcotte. The best answer from the mayor: “We are already a junior club, it’s going to go.”

Despite the slaughter of the Great Mosque, he did not want a centre for the prevention of radicalization in Quebec. “Not sure that it is effective. […] Important not to create something that does not exist,” he says on the subject of radicalization. About possible motives of Alexander Bissonnette, the author of the slaughter, who pleaded guilty: “We face a mental health problem. That fact that we will never understand what happened in the head of this guy,” he says, seconded by Denys Arcand. The filmmaker is indignant that one would call the people of Quebec”anti-muslims” and warns them not to make a “sociological interpretation of someone who skips a tick”. The presence of weapons has made the difference. Moreover, Mr. Labeaume is not explained that Bissonnette may have three in their possession. “We should question the availability of weapons”, he believes. The card of the fool of the king: “It seems to me that after all these efforts, the slightest things would be that you have finally a streetcar named Regis.”

First leader of the conservatives to present themselves on the set of Tout le monde en parle, Andrew Scheer has came out alive without ever losing her smile. Guy A. Lepage recalled from the outset that Mr. Scheer had voted against the abortion and the marriage of persons of the same sex, but the chief repeated that he would not reopen these discussions if he were elected. “I’m focused on the issues that bring us together,” said Mr. Scheer, in consultation tour to Quebec, in view of his new electoral platform.

He denies the rumor that he has a large collection of weapons. Yes, they hunt the duck because he lives in Saskatchewan, nothing more. He acknowledges having smoked the pot. Want to recriminalizing cannabis if he were elected? He was waiting to see the results of the law before deciding. In the same way, he didn’t want to speak out clearly on a possible tax Netflix. Maxime Bernier was accused of having enlisted the help of fake conservatives with dairy producers to win the race to the chiefdom. “I can assure you that Maxim would never be my minister of Agriculture”, has blagué the head. Dany Turcotte took the opportunity to officially invite Andrew Scheer at the next Pride parade in Montreal in August, which would also be a first.

The idea that everything that governs the film is in the figures makes Denys Arcand sick. We talk about movies based on their box office, not of their qualities, complains the director. “It rots the whole of our life. It is the same for the books, it is the same for all.” His new film, The fall of the american empire, illustrates that economic values have replaced the judeo-christian. “You crèves the screen,” said Guy A. By Morin, who made his film debut in the role of “escort the most expensive part of Montreal”. “This girl, at the cinema, it would be sickening,” said Denys Arcand seeing it the first time, in the margin of a tennis tournament.

Arcand takes his side “casseux de party” from The comfort and indifference, in which he had predicted that the sovereignty would be never. “Better to know the troubles that come rather than of dream”, argues t-it. The filmmaker hasn’t seen the stage adaptation of the Decline of the american empire because he was afraid of not liking it, and having to explain.

No ounce of arrogance in the boxer Marie-Eve Dicaire, who won his belt by the North American Boxing Federation (NABF) at the end of the combat the most difficult of her career, and the most bloody. His mother had just learned that she was suffering from cancer shortly before his first bout, bad news that has been stimulated to fight for it. His mother has regained health since. It’s because she was a fan of the ninja Turtles that she was first interested in karate. The discipline is not included in the olympic Games, it has changed for the boxing, in the hope of getting there. An injury has prevented her, instead, she has made the leap among professionals, with the success which one knows.

“It will not sell, there’s not enough sex,” said Eric Molson to his daughter-in-law Helen Antoniou, who signed the biography of The back to the beer…and hockey – The story of Eric Molson.” The wife of Andrew Molson has had the idea to start this bio to entertain his father-in-law, and demonstrate that one can achieve while remaining healthy. This chemist business had originally created the Brador, “more than beer”. English-speaking francophile, he had left Toronto to return to Montreal with his family after the election of the Parti québécois in 1976, while the English speakers were in the opposite direction. In 2009, Eric Molson was against the idea to buy back the Montreal canadiens for a fourth time, ruling that the profitability of such a decision was at the discretion of Stanley cups.

By Morin back down the stairs, wearing a new dress, to accompany his co-host of the 33rd Gala Artis, Jean-Philippe Dion. The account on the first to defeat a bit its image as a facilitator a perfect. “My relationship with the public has not been easy,” says the former “bitch” d’Occupation double, today twice named to the upcoming gala. About his game Face to the wall, By Morin says that VAT has the desire to bring back the show, but unknown in what form. According to it, the game has succeeded in its mission to inspire people to do good around them.

“We’re going to beat Bobino!” exclaimed Dany Turcotte, to emphasize the longevity everyone is talking about. The high mass will return for a 15th season on the 23rd of September on HERE Radio-Canada Télé.

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