The NPDQ holds its first general council

Le NPDQ tient son premier conseil général

The New democratic Party of Quebec (NPDQ) holds on Sunday, in the city of montreal, its first general council since it was founded it is now almost a year.

Called to mobilize in mass, the activists will come together at the Hyatt Regency, on the rue Jeanne-Meance, early in the morning at 9am.

They will examine, in particular, on this day, on the party’s policies, which must be formally adopted from a document of guidelines.

The young political promises, moreover, to unveil its new logo, its new colors, its tagline and its new web site shortly after the meeting today.

There are only a few months in the NPDQ to convince the federalists left to join his movement, on the eve of the provincial election.

“On the 6th of may next, the New Democratic Party of Quebec takes its first step towards a bright future […] The party devoulera on this occasion its mink and its new image”, can we read through the page Facebook of the event, in which a few dozen people have already confirmed their presence.

Elected last January, the party’s leader, Raphael Fortin, said that he would present at the same time some candidates, in some districts, in view of the upcoming general elections.

At the age of 38 years, Fortin is a graduate of business administration at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). He works in the hotel business since a very young age. He will present himself personally in the riding of Verdun, in Montreal.

His party said he left, but not sovereignty, in its web platform.

Le NPDQ tient son premier conseil général

Meeting of the chief Raphaël Fortin with the regional association of the party, in Laval, on march 2.

From Facebook, NPDQ

Health 100% public

The NPDQ offers, in its document of general guidelines, a vision of health 100% public.

“We know that privatization, health care, eventually cost more expensive, besides being less accessible. Privatization is not the path to follow. Strengthen the public system, however, requires better control of the costs, which – very specifically – to put the most pressure on the system”, wrote the young political body.

The latter proposes the establishment of wage employment for doctors, who would become State employees with social benefits, “and not of private entrepreneurs”.

The NPDQ also suggests extending the public plan’s current drug coverage to a model of “regime fully universal.” Measures would then be introduced to reduce the cost of the system, including the wholesale purchases of medications, a review of the protection of pharmaceutical patents, and more and more use of generic drugs.

To read the document of the group, defining its general policies (education, economy, environment, or even on the national question), click here.


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