Marissal launches its campaign for the nomination in Rosemont

Marissal lance sa campagne à l’investiture dans Rosemont

MONTREAL – The former journalist and columnist Vincent Marissal will launch Sunday afternoon his campaign for the nomination to represent Québec solidaire in the riding of Rosemont, a race almost won in advance, since nobody will come against him.

The assembly investiture of Québec solidaire in Rosemont is scheduled for may 31, but Mr. Marissal has no opponent and the date for nominations has already passed. Québec solidaire, however, gives the opportunity to members to vote against a candidate, even if there was only one.

Vincent Marissal announced in early April that he planned to run for the party nomination in the riding of montreal, which is currently represented by the leader of the Parti québécois (PQ), Jean-François Lisée.

During a press conference, Mr. Marissal was described as a man “deep left” and was said to be in agreement particularly with the nationalisation of natural resources and free education.

The ex-columnist has said he “saw no reason to feel bad” to run against the leader of the parti québecois, since he lives in the constituency with his family.

His arrival in politics, however, has not been without controversy. Some media had reported that Mr. Marissal had had discussions with the liberal Party of Canada (LPC) before you join Québec solidaire, which had initially denied the main party.

Mr. Marissal had then acknowledged that he had discussions with the party. A few days later, he admitted that he “lied” about this and “made her mea culpa”.

This controversy, however, has allowed Jean-François Lisée to receive their first ammunition for the campaign next October. In a posting on Facebook, he accused Mr. Marissal of having “spectacularly failed a test of truth”.


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