Where is François Legault?

Où est François Legault?

DECODING / Where is François Legault? The question may seem cruel, because the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec is not absent from the political arena. It is present in the question period. He announcement of the nominations. He speaks to audiences, such as the Chamber of commerce of Lévis, on Thursday. He gives in sometimes (but really sometimes) interviews.

But it is also what are its main opponents, the liberal leader Philippe Couillard and the leader of the Parti québécois, Jean-François Lisée.

Unlike them, however, the chief caquiste avoid the most possible the mixed news to the national Assembly.

François Legault try as much as possible not to expose themselves. Normal, in the case of a head ahead in voting intentions. Just as it is normal, it is true, that those who are behind him are seeking to multiply the outlets of word — leaves to take risks.

In the entourage of the chief caquiste, it will be asserted that Mr. Legault is not leaking the mixed news to the national Assembly; we will argue that this is a strategy to put the spotlight on the”team” — Jean-François Roberge, Simon Jolin-Barrette, François Bonnardel, etc

One thing is for certain, this situation annoys very seriously and, increasingly, the liberals and pq members.

As soon as the next day!

Which annoys also the liberals and pq members — on a completely different level and for different reasons — is the incomprehensible will of the canadian prime minister to cross swords with the provinces wanting to ban the production of four marijuana plants at home.

The latest output of Justin Trudeau came the next day after the presentation by the minister Jean-Marc Fournier, of its action plan from its policy statement…

What is disheartening for the Parti québécois with these bras de fer Québec-Ottawa is that they do more has been a long standing support to the sovereignty. The evidence that the low support for this option collects has very little to do with the collapse of the Bloc québécois.

Khadir, a gentleman

Amir Khadir will not go unnoticed in the national Assembly. He will leave as he entered it : by a charge to the bottom rail against capitalism. This is what he did on Wednesday during the consideration of the estimates of the ministry of Economy. He wanted to sign the time.

What they think of his ideas, his political opponents in parliament have described as a gentleman. This is what he is behind his rants.

The obscene mna Yves St-Denis is probably one of the few elected officials in the blue Room not to enjoy it — what one may consider as an honor for Mr. Khadir.

Budget appropriations : still missed!

Nota bene : this last segment is reproduced paragraphs of the article written by the author of these lines in recent years. Why? To demonstrate that a situation has no meaning endures. It concerns the exercise of”study of budget appropriations,” which just concluded.

For 200 hours, the parliamentarians had to sift through tens of billions of dollars that the State allocates to its programs and missions. But once again, they have done something else.

As usual, they are transposed to these sessions, the polemics of the question period. The”study credits” should be a privileged moment of accountability.

This exercise should enable to know whether or not the budget is used well and the objectives to be pursued; and how much such a program would help people, for example. To know how much it helps in the end. And if it really helps.

To do this, it would be necessary that the elect could have been based on analyses of the performance of the missions and programs of the State, no? However, there exist little or no. Everyone then goes, year after year, beside the point.


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