“We’re going to stop niaiser!”

«On va arrêter de niaiser!»

THREE-RIVERS — IN two weeks of getting back into the ring, Mikaël Zewski (30-1, 22 K.-O. )is set on the identity of his opponent. He will also be entitled to a test on may 19, in the under-card of the world championship fight involving Adonis Stevenson, and Badou Jack, since he will have to battle it out with Jonathan Eduardo Gaston Chavez (19-1-1, 5 K.-O.), an Argentinean, who has won his last 13 fights.

Normally, a fighter do not like to be warned at the last minute when his rival is too strong. But in the case of Zewski, it is the opposite! “We’re going to stop niaiser! I’m tired of beating me in fights without meaning. I want real tests. For that, it takes real rivals. Chavez is part of this category, so I don’t complain, certainly not,” says He, who had not yet had confirmation of the sponsors that Chavez had signed his contract. That is Philippe Saint-Martin, the site Boxrec, which has been reported to the duel in the end of the afternoon on Twitter. “I expected after the confirmation, but it’s been two weeks that I know he will be my opponent. I guess everything is settled now, Boxrec has the habit of posting verified.”

Now the question is whether there will be a title game, as the Group GYM has promised to Zewski. It’s been a long time-he waits for his chance for a belt. “I don’t know yet what title will be at stake because there were complications at this level, but I am convinced that there will be one. It takes that, when you affrontes an opponent as formidable.”

According to Zewski, Chavez is of the same ilk as Konstantin Ponomarev (33-0, 13 K.-0.), the kind who had inflicted his only defeat in career. “It is always difficult to compare two boxers, but I think they are in the same class. Need to understand that boxers with promoters influential as Ponomarev and me, we have been protected in the beginning of their career. Chavez was not entitled to the same privilege in his country, he has made big wars. It is rated higher than me on Boxrec, it gives an idea of the scale of the challenge.”

Zewski has of course done his homework, he studied his enemy for the last few days. He has found a fighter that has the assets to annoy him. “I like to fight against hitters. Sanchez is the opposite. This is a guy who doesn’t hit with much authority, but who is quick and moves a lot. It is a pure technician and hard, a type of boxer who gives me a lot of misery. It further complicates the challenge, especially as I put the gloves lately with a boxer’s physique. Let’s say that I’ve had to change some things in the last days!”

The only regret of He, it is to fight this battle significant to Toronto, away from his family. “I would have liked it so much that it happens at the Bell Centre. But hey, it’s not me who decides this end. My job is to come prepared to deliver the goods and this is what I intend to do 19 may,” says Zewski, who claims to have recovered 100% of her latest release bloody the 15 February, even if his face still bears the scars of this courageous performance. “This was not supposed to happen like that, but when you do you break the nose in the first round, you need to adjust. All of that is behind me now, I have no concern on the physical plane in view of 19 may.”


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