The baseball-flavored texan

Du baseball à saveur texane

THREE-RIVERS — Raphael John Leblanc, one of the good batting power in athletes of baseball in the region, will have the privilege to pursue his career in the ranks of the college’s americans, Texas also.

The Shawiniganais 20-year-old, who studied at the Collège Laflèche, has received an offer he could not refuse, at the end of march.

This opportunity, he must at Panola College, located in the heart of Texas, a State where the calibre of play is very strong and that is often a front door for the first division of the NCAA.

Panola College will offer a full scholarship to Leblanc. He will start the season in the next few days with the Travellers of Saguenay’s major League baseball junior élite du Québec, before moving to its home in the Lone Star State in August.

“I have spoken with several colleges, but the first and the best offer came from the Panola College,” says the big guy, a first baseman who can also patrol the third cushion. “When I heard with them, they were ranked the 14th largest in the United States. The level of baseball in texas is recognized, I know what awaits me there. The coach told me that training would begin at 5 a.m. in the morning, at 6 a.m. the day they want to be nice with us! This will be hard, a little military, but I am really looking forward to it.”

Leblanc has developed his skills in the structure of the baseball mauritian with the Booms, and then the Dragons. It has also evolved in the Wings of Québec. The coach Gaétan Gagnon knows well. “I am very happy for Raphael, said the driver. He has some talent. At one time, he was nose to nose with Benjamin Pelletier, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies a few years ago. In Texas, it will be capable of hitting the long ball, and to demonstrate its potential.”

Gagnon also notes that her former foal displays a certain agility for its weight. “Yes, this is a guy talented in the defensive. When it will be framed more accurately, I am convinced that it will continue to grow. A first-order left-handed, there is not much in baseball. This is a plus for him.”

The other advantage is that the poles are in aluminum league collegiate church of Texas. For a hitter of power, such as Leblanc, it is a great news!

But by then, the young man focuses on the upcoming season with the Travelers. Traded by the Eagles junior in 2016, he admits that the news has been difficult to collect on the hit, but in the end, this transaction was beneficial for him. “In the Saguenay, I have the chance to play all the matches of the team. It is certain that at the outset, it is flat to share by the team of your area, you imagine that it is a path of minor baseball up to the junior ranks. Except that, in the end, I am convinced that this has made me a better player.”

The fact of change in one of the most competitive places for baseball college in the country of uncle Sam, in a few months, is not expected to affect its progression.


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