Return to the fold

Retour au bercail

THREE-RIVERS — The very first exhibition which was presented at the Centre d’exposition Raymond-Lasnier after the renovations it has undergone in 2003 was a Guy Langevin.

“I will not hide that for the year of our fiftieth anniversary there is a nod to the past in the decision to present an exhibition of Guy,” explains the director of the center Marie-Andrée Levasseur. However, it would not have been a question of just taking back a show that it would have presented elsewhere. It was fitting because it offered something new.”

For the main concerned, one can speak of something that looks like a return to the fold. “I moved to Three Rivers in 1974 and the exhibition centre was almost nine. I remember to have exhibited in the room with the wall of icing to the cake! This is definitely the place where I tried most of the things in my career, rigole-t-il. In 1989, I had installed a swimming pool. In 1994, I had 50 candles that were to remain lit in the exhibition. Today, we wouldn’t be able to do something like that with the safety instructions. It has been a beautiful playground for me.”

For the exhibition Veil of skin, he found the halls to the ideal size for what he was trying to do. “We between and the facilities take up space. We cannot see the whole of the body presented. I show the entire body but we can only see portions. The room here was exactly the size to allow it. It is a great hall that I really like a lot.”

These naked female body that defy gravity are an undeniable recurrence in the work of Guy Langevin, who fully accepts this analysis. “I stopped there it was not so long and it is perfectly true that there is in my career, a consistency crazy. In 40 years, I’ve often done the same things, revolved around the same ideas and still today. I don’t see it as a problem but as the manifestation that I have always been faithful to me deeply. For me, a career is not linear. If it was necessary to illustrate, I would see the shell of the spiral. It revolves around the heart, during all his life, and the more you turn, the closer we get to home.”

Visitors to the exhibition Center Raymond-Lasnier, will be provided with a small document which allows you to access more deeply to the approach and work of the artist. The tool of mediation has been designed with originality and intelligence it takes to recognize the centre’s team. It presents itself as a dictionary of terms that define the work of Guy Langevin. It was called The encyclopé…Guy. It is well done, relevant, friendly and very helpful.

And it’s free!


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