Amir Khadir, a member of activist

Amir Khadir, de député à militant

“I leave the national Assembly, but not the policy.” Amir Khadir, who became an iconic figure of Quebec solidaire in the course of his 10 years as a member of parliament, said now want to take on a role more erased.

Surrounded by his family and activists, Mr. Khadir explained Friday at a press conference in Montreal that he will not seek a new term in the elections of 1 October.

The party he helped found in 2006 had no leader, and advocated a alternating spokespeople in front of the microphones. “In this new culture that is more democratic, one cannot admit neither careerist, nor customization to the death of the policy, and even less of a personality cult.”

That is why after three terms of office, Mr. Khadir felt that it was time to leave. “I have not left it before, because yes, I feared for the future of Québec solidaire, but today, the succession is there.”

Mr. Khadir argues that neither the polls, nor the difficulties of the pro-independence movement explain his departure. It remains a passion, as evidenced by the plea that he has delivered against through of capitalism, against the fact that “politics has become subservient to the money power”.

A new candidate for Québec solidaire is expected to be announced shortly in the riding of Mercier. The mp outgoing will remain active within the party, in functions that remain to be determined.

The politician, 56-year-old has no intention of pocketing the premium from the start of the national Assembly. He redistribuera rather to various community organizations and social. “They are waiting for me at the hospital, I did not need a cushion,” he says. Mr. Khadir will return to work more diligently as a medical doctor, specialist in microbiology and infectious diseases in Terrebonne.

His greatest legacy? “Pharma-Québec”, says Mr. Khadir without hesitation. “Without making noise, all the governments which have succeeded one another have gone to our request, so that we have a best price for our medicines.”

What he regrets? “You may be wounded people.” Then he condemned loudly and corruption among the liberals, the pq members and caquistes, it has ruffled the feathers of some of his fellow members, “the men and women who do an honest day’s work”.

Straight-talking and bursts

Mr. Khadir was elected for the first time in the national Assembly in 2008, becoming the first mp to wear the colours of Québec solidaire.

Born in Iran, the member has distinguished himself throughout the last decade by his outspokenness and his several bursts. He has been arrested and mennotté by the Québec police during a demonstration deemed illegal in 2012. He had spontaneously decided to go there after hearing the noise of pots and pans out of the national Assembly.

In 2009, during another demonstration in front of the american consulate, Amir Khadir, has launched a shoe on a picture of u.s. president George W. Bush. A gesture that he said he did not regret it.

He is the second elected Québec solidaire to withdraw, after Françoise David, who left office in January 2017.

The party has two elected to the national Assembly, Manon Massé, and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.


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