$ 900,000 to support the company

900 000 $ pour soutenir l’entreprise

SAINT-LUC-DE-VINCENNES — companies in The territory of the MRC des Chenaux will have a new source of financial assistance with the establishment of a local fund of solidarity (FLS), to the height of 900 000 dollars.

“This is a new tool to develop our region together”, said Friday the mayor of Lac-Édouard, Larry Bernier, who is director of the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM). The company pays a financial contribution of $ 100,000 to the MRC des Chenaux for the implementation of the FLS.

He reminded that the government of Quebec had granted, in march 2017, a financial aid of $ 3.5 million of the FQM to facilitate and encourage the creation of 35 new FLS on the territories that did not.

With the financial support of government is in addition a sum of $ 50,000 from the MRC des Chenaux, as well as a maximum financial contribution of $ 750,000 from the limited partnership, the Fonds locaux de solidarité FTQ and which will be paid in the form of variable credit for investment.

The FLS has as objective to accelerate the implementation of projects of start-up, expansion and acquisition of companies on the territory of the MRC. “The creation of this fund, local solidarity is an excellent news for the SMES in our midst, which now have an outside leverage to support their growth. By working hand-in-hand with the MRC, such as the MRC des Chenaux, the government of Quebec gives itself the means to respond more effectively to the specific needs of businesses in the region. Undoubtedly, this initiative will create and maintain quality jobs in our territory, in addition to fostering the economic vitality of our region,” said the member of parliament for Champlain, Pierre Michel Auger.

The FLS of the MRC des Chenaux is the 74th to be put in place. In order to simplify the procedures for SMES, access to finance is facilitated by a joint management of FLS and local investment funds, which have also been made available to the MRC by the government of Quebec.

“This collaboration between the FQM and the solidarity Fund QFL has existed for close to 25 years. This allowed for the creation of local solidarity funds. It is a partnership in which we can all be very proud, ” said Mr. Bernier.

For the prefect of the MRC des Chenaux, Gérard Bruneau, the money being the sinews of war to start a business, the FLS is meant to be “the nudge necessary to allow you to move forward.”

“We are very pleased to be able to rely on the financial support and the expertise of our two partners, the Fonds locaux de solidarité FTQ and the Fédération québécoise des municipalities who, like us, believe in the potential of entrepreneurs in our territory. The importance of their financial support, announced the shows,” says the mayor of Saint-Maurice.

According to the director general of the limited partnership, the Fonds locaux de solidarité FTQ, Eric Désaulniers, the network of the FLS is a model of local economic development that has proved its worth.

“The entrepreneurs of the MRC des Chenaux, who have ambitious projects and bold now have access to the FLS for the financing of SMES in the start-up and growth. What are 4416 corporate projects that have been funded by the network of the FLS since its inception, there are more than 25 years,” he says.

Through its leverage effect, the FLS will supplement the financing of projects of enterprises of the territory. It will allow the contractors access to other sources such as a conventional loan from a financial institution, a grant, a fund or another capital extra. The maximum amount of investment that a company can receive from the FLS is $ 100,000.

Funding applications can be sent now from the MRC des Chenaux.


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