Veilleux will be like a fish in the water!

Steve Turcotte
Le Nouvelliste

Veilleux sera comme un poisson dans l’eau!

The little general is back!

Éric Veilleux was presented Thursday to the press of Halifax as the new driver of the Mooseheads, who will host the tournament for the Memorial Cup in may 2019. After four seasons in the pros, the ex-head coach of the Cataracts agrees to take a step back within one of the most solid franchises of the canadian League.

The Mooseheads have more need of Veilleux than the reverse. There are currently a few seats available in the QMJHL, including Drummondville. With its roadmap, Veilleux could probably choose the one that suited him the best.

By contrast, the Mooseheads had really need an experienced pilot to take control of their talented training, which has not delivered the goods this spring. Host the tournament the Memorial Cup is intoxicating, but it comes with its share of pitfalls. The pressure, the spotlight, the expectations, the different movements of staff… in Short, it was anything but a year like any other for a coaching staff. With what he experienced in 2011-12 to the bar of Cataracts, Veilleux could write a book on this chapter! The story has a happy ending, but the turbulence has been strong for months…

The strength of this experience, I don’t think there is anyone more qualified than him for this position. With three finals of the QMJHL, a Memorial Cup, and four seasons in the pros to his credit, Veilleux is equipped perfectly for this challenge. He has signed a contract for three years, but its passage could be more brief if it offers a second ring of the Memorial Cup. After all, there is no better showcase for a coach who seeks the higher levels. And then, must also say that Veilleux has a lot changed since his departure from Shawinigan!

Glaude resists the temptation
If Eric Veilleux was also in the sights of the Rifle, they have striped two quality candidates on their list in the past few hours since Jean-Philippe Glaude has warned that it would withdraw from the race to succeed Dominique Ducharme, party support Claude Julien with the Canadian. Glaude was flattered by the invitation, of the Voltigeurs, for whom he played four seasons. The fact that the Voltigeurs are identified as one of the teams to beat next year, has certainly forced to think a bit more length in the folder. But it is well in the saddle with the Predators of Nashville as talent scout and it has the feel of playing an active role within the organization. He is still very young, he believes to be in the right place, at the right time, to continue to make progress in this jungle. Glaude had two beautiful options in front of him, he chose with his instinct. Instinct, which, until now, served him well…

Veilleux sera comme un poisson dans l’eau!

François Pratte gets the chance to prove what he can do on the national stage on June 16.

Olivier Croteau

A nice mark of respect

It is confirmed, François Pratte (6-0) will be entitled to a real test on Saturday, June 16 against the Albertan Eric Taylor (8-1-2, 4 K.-O.), a clash scheduled for six rounds, which should be breath-taking some 5000 spectators at Centre Gervais Auto.

This combat, it is a beautiful mark of respect for Eye of the Tiger Management and the Cataracts to the He, who has always responded to this at the previous appointment of pro boxing in the region, and that has helped the sale of tickets. Camille Estephan and Roger Lavergne could very well have him find another Mexican and give him an easy fight. No, instead, they decide to invest in to attract a serious opponent, skilful, confident, that may allow Pratte to evaluate if it is worth continuing to suffer at the gym. At the age of 28, with a diploma in hand, he doesn’t need boxing to pay his bills, he may very well do something else. However, it is a passion, then if the way opens to fights that are significant, bet that Pratte will not complain.

With a victory over Taylor on June 16, it is logical to believe that he could then claim to the canadian title, a crown he has earned five times in the amateurs. But hey, we’re not there yet. Taylor will also aim for exceptional performance for the gala that will be broadcast to the map across the country. Two boxers of similar calibre, substantially at the same point in their career. This is good ingredients to furnish a sub-map. Some should take notes on this one!

One thing is for certain, it’s been a long time that Pratte waiting for a chance like that. It was made official on Thursday, the day of his 28th birthday. A nice gift signed EOTM and Cataracts.


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