Union democracy is no longer a priority for the CAQ

La démocratie syndicale n’est plus une priorité pour la CAQ

If it forms the next government, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) will not make unions more transparent and democratic. The leader François Legault believes that it is necessary to know how to “choose our battles”.

“A government can’t go in all directions. If we want to realize our promises, it should do less, and then it is necessary to choose those that are most important”, he commented in the margin of a speech to the Chamber of commerce of Lévis on Thursday.

In 2014, the CAQ had made in its election platform the requirement for unions to disclose their financial statements, to hold secret votes and to use the dues of their members for non-partisan.

Mr. Legault confirmed that it will not appear in the platform of the party in 2018, as had been suggested by Daniel Boyer, president of the FTQ, in an interview with Radio-Canada last week. “It is normal at any given time to choose priorities at every election campaign”, defended Mr. Legault.

The chief believes the big folder of the CAQ during the next mandate will be to reopen the agreement with the medical specialists and general practitioners, to recover $ 1 billion each year. According to him, this battle is “not simple”, but it may be more beneficial for Quebec to address the record of union democracy.

To justify his decision, Mr. Legault cites his former colleague Lucien Bouchard. “When a government comes to power, they have a reserve of courage. And there, each time you do something controversial, we draw on the reserve of courage, and at any given time, there are more. That fact that it is necessary to choose priorities, have to choose our battles. Our battles, it is not the union democracy for the next four years.”

Mr. Legault defends well lack the courage. “I want to choose where I want to invest my courage.” It is not according to him of “scattering”, as did the minister of Health Gaétan Barrette in recent years, opening 10 files at the same time, without setting one.


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