Transparency of the spending of members of parliament: yes, but in the next legislature

Transparence des dépenses des députés: oui, mais à la prochaine législature

The members of the national Assembly continue to compete to make their spending more “transparent”. A desire yet almost non-existent until the last week.

This desire is good, since we are at the end of a legislature, and that any new rules apply to members of parliament in the next, said Thursday the president of the national Assembly.

“It is so much easier than it is at the end of a parliament,” replied Jacques Chagnon to new suggestions were made in this regard.

Last week, the members of parliament had already unanimously passed a resolution presented by Québec solidaire, calling for more transparency in regards to their spending during the missions that they lead abroad. What had acquiesced in the president Chagnon, while calling on political parties to agree on the terms and conditions of this transparency.

This Thursday, the member pq Sylvain Gaudreault has proposed to extend this commitment to other expenses than those incurred at missions abroad. He cited the housing costs of members of parliament, the expenses associated with the operation of their constituency office, as well as the annual allocation of 17 300 $ they receive for costs of representation and other.

It is the citizens ‘ trust in political institutions, argued the member of parliament for Jonquière.

The president, Jacques Chagnon immediately agreed. “Build for the people that will follow”, those of the next legislature, the one that will be born the next elections to the 1st of October.

The caquiste Donald Martel welcomed these advances to come. However, he pointed out that he himself has called for more transparency several times in recent years without anyone taking any notice.

Elsewhere in Canada

Like his colleagues and the president of the national Assembly, the caquiste judge the usefulness of the missions of parliamentarians abroad. Beyond transparency, he said that he would like to, all the same, the holding of a greater questioning as to the actual relevance of the one and the other. We do not speak here of missions that lead the Quebec premier and his ministers, but those of the members.

The solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois noted that the Quebec accuses a real delay in these materials compared to the other canadian provinces and in relation to the elect of the House of commons, in Ottawa. The pq Sylvain Gaudreault also believes that Quebec could take inspiration from what is done in Ottawa.

This exchange happened during the exercise called “the study of budgetary appropriations” of the national Assembly, the appropriations, which amounted now to 142,5 million $ per year for this institution.

The president, Jacques Chagnon, who will not be seeking another electoral mandate, has pointed out that the construction of the new pavilion of the Parliament is in conformity with the schedule and the budget of $ 60.5 million. It will be ready in 2019.

Once completed, it is estimated that it will be necessary to renovate the blue Room. An operation that, if carried out, is likely to last 18 months. The parliamentarians should sit in the red Room during this period.


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