The Argonauts are clamoring for Mathieu Loiselle

Les Argonauts réclament Mathieu Loiselle

THREE-RIVERS – linebacker Three-Rivers Mathieu Loiselle has been claimed by the Toronto Argonauts in the 60th row in the repechage of the canadian football League, later Thursday.

There were only ten choices to be announced when Torontonians have opted for Loiselle in the seventh round.

The He is enrôlera so for the champions of the Grey Cup, which are run by a duo that football fans in Quebec know well, Marc Trestman (head coach) and Jim Popp (director-general).

Even if he moves to the defensive – it will likely be used on special units in its beginnings -, Loiselle learnt also the responsible of the quarter Anthony Calvillo, who has accepted the offer from Popp to relocate in the queen City.

The journey of Mathieu Loiselle is an atypical. In 2011 at 17 years old, the teenager, who played for the Booms has left the region to go into exile in Vermont.

After having accumulated very good stats, he has agreed to continue his career and his studies at the College Wagner, in New York. Loiselle has played five seasons, the last as captain of the defensive.

In the end, the bet of the country of Uncle Sam has been paying for the He.

Now remains to be seen if he will be able to make their way in the canadian football League, where there are few representatives of the Mauricie region, in Jean-Christophe Beaulieu, Louis-Philippe Bourassa and Keith Sanscartier. The latter tries to earn his place in the Red and Black. He would join the other two.


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