Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-du-Cap: always open

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-du-Cap: toujours aussi ouvert

THREE-RIVERS — the will of The Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-du-Cap to be more open to the general public is becoming more assertive as evidenced by the programming of the summer of 2018 that it unveiled Thursday. The desire to diversify the activities is also manifested in an agreement of the institution with the restaurant is The Black Pepper that will ensure the presence of a restaurant area of Sea Shack, which will be in service in the summer of 2019.

Construction works for the new catering facility will begin in the autumn so that as soon as the summer of 2019, the public will be able to enjoy the delicacies of the sea. The agreement with the restaurant he has a term of three years.

In addition, the Shrine will continue to open up for cultural activities in the summer of next year with the presentation of the festival of the Assumption of the 7 to the 15 of August and that the details of the programming will be revealed a little later. We know, however, that the event will be marked by the presentation of two major conferences. On 10 August, we will be able to hear the head of the antenna on the TVA network Pierre Bruneau while the next day it is the captain Robert Piché who will be the guest. Tickets for these lectures will be put on sale in June.

On the 31st of may and 1st of June, we take the formula of the gathering of the First Nations. In the framework of the Saturdays in the Sanctuary, there will be an array of activities with a variety of themes. On the cultural side, the Symposium of visual arts will be held on 21 and 22 July, with a focus on the family. With the collaboration of Culture, 3R, theatre returns to the program with the presentation of the play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in The gardens of Olives, on 20 and 21 July, and August 17 and 18. For its part, Cap-Youth will present the weekends animated to which we invite the families.

The music will surely not rest with the presentation of several concerts in the basilica, including those of the organ with performers such as Melanie Barney, Claude Lemieux, Raymond Perrin, Philippe Bournival and Susan Bellemare, Claude Beaudoin, Ïoan Bastarache and others. Not to mention that the piano in public will regain its place in the gardens to accommodate all the pianists who wish to perform.

This is Sylvain-Alexandre Lacas, newly arrived in the team, which is responsible for the programming, and it is not a secret that there is a desire to increase traffic on the site in the medium term. “We receive 430 000 visitors annually and we have a development plan over five years with new innovations coming, and that allows us to believe that we will increase ridership. For the moment, we have two poles: the festival of the Assumption, and Christmas lights, but others will be added so that throughout the year, we will offer activities to the general public.”

“What is,” said the rector of the institution, Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, is that our visitors are loyal and we want to diversify the activities to reach the general public. The Sanctuary is a religious place very known and it’s going to stay but at the same time, it is a place general public. The global beauty of the site and the splendid gardens are open to everyone. We want this to be a peaceful place, a place of contemplation. Our contribution to society, it is to be a place that is open and free as much as possible.”

“At the level of programming, you put more forward, is that we are a cultural venue with live performances, the symposium of visual art, drama, and so For us, art is an element of humanization, creativity makes us all grow. We’re still in the mode experiment: last year, we made shots and daring this year, we are trying to integrate, trying to see more precisely what is the cultural offer which best suits our site. At the same time, I think it’s necessary to try things in life. One of the challenges is to attract the younger generation then, we are going to include the families.”

“The Sanctuary,” continues the rector, it is a matter of pride for the people of the sector Cap-de-la-Madeleine, to Trois-Rivières, the Mauricie. This is a jewel. This is a gift that is made to the population to have such a beautiful and inspiring they can enjoy.”


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