Quebec summer Festival: condemned to evolve

Festival d'été de Québec: condamné à évoluer

THREE-RIVERS — Even musical events of the most popular and the better anchored are required to adjust. This is the case for the Quebec city summer Festival, which, for its 51st edition, is flexible to meet the demand of its very wide public.

“Today,” says Louis Bellavance, programming director, it is necessary to listen to the most recent trends, while continuing to satisfy our loyal audience. The model evolves continuously and at a speed as was never seen in the past. What matters more to festival-goers, it is the experience and especially the VIP experience with live performances of high quality but in more comfortable conditions also sides interesting. There is a growing appetite that you even can not satisfy for places closer, privilege top of range, etc” This includes the bar services are more comprehensive with cocktails, craft beers, food sought through restoration of the street.

Festival d'été de Québec: condamné à évoluer

Responsible for the programming of the Quebec city summer Festival since 2011, Louis Bellavance continues to adapt to the many trends that challenge the volatile world of the music to appeal to the widest clientele possible.

Jeannot Levesque

On the other side of the spectrum, it is necessary to appeal to festival-goers who regularly pay only the passport, but who want, nonetheless, a different experience. It should be ready to provide them with opportunities to take selfies in places unusual because it is important for them to bear witness to the experience that they are living in FEQ. Moreover, it has enlarged the area before the stage so the fans could be more likely to live entertainment nearby artists.

“In terms of musical content, it is a little more urban this year, says Louis Bellavance. We have no choice but to reflect the tidal waves of the world that is hip-hop and its fusion with electronic music and pop are now together in one. It is thus that we find in the programming of the DJ in the company of pop artists and rappers in the same service. This current is the strongest to hit the world of music since the emergence of rock around Woodstock.”

It remains that, beyond particular phenomena, the FEQ has a mandate to reach the whole world “…from 7 to 77 years, as said by the programmer. There are clients who want content more nostalgic, styles of music like metal, which have their own trend in the distribution platforms so it should reflect that too. Thus, it comes to announce an evening of nostalgic with Air Supply and America at the Parc de la francophonie, and it is extremely important to reflect that also. It cannot turn its back on any customer.”

It remains that the young public is valuable because it is an investment in the future of the event. “It is necessary that people 12 to 25 years old come to the Festival and live something huge for that, too, 40 or 50 years, lead their children by telling them that they have experienced something remarkable. This is a customer to which the FEQ is not automatic currently, so they require special attention. In this group, we want to live the experience but it is necessary that this experience involves them personally through phones and screens. It no longer suffices to simply be spectators.”

All of this explains the programming and the official poster of the 51st edition, which does not focus on one or two names headlining, but on several, reflecting the variety of the offer. The Weeknd, Lorde, Shawn Mendes, Future rub shoulders with Neil Young, Beck, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters or Patrice Michaud. It is the challenge of the balance.

The presence of: Louis Bellavance at Trois-Rivières in the promotional tour is also a testament to the importance of the market of the Mauricie region. “Our sale of passports will be done very well but it is still a little worried. If we sell 5000 less than what we hoped, that we are weakening it financially. Markets such as the Mauricie become very important for us. We organize parking lots in the periphery of the hub to make travel easier knowing that the people of Trois-Rivières can easily come to see a show in the evening and come back and sleep at home.”

“It is not for nothing that we insist on the fact that our passports are transferable. Someone may buy in targeting some shows, and pass it on to others. It encourages it, in fact.” Since it is the question, note that the passport gives access to more than 250 entertainment venues as well as outside, for a price of 100 $, price will increase $ 10 as of 4 June. “It was passed around 100 000 of our 125 000 passports but one can never predict at what pace the last portion will sell. As there was no daily tickets, the people interested were advised to obtain their passport quickly”, warns Louis Bellavance. All of the programming that is available to the


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