“My team is ready”, said Pierre Giguère

«Mon équipe est prête», dit Pierre Giguère

SHAWINIGAN — Then as the regional minister Julie Boulet still refused Thursday to comment on rumors of his departure in view of the upcoming elections, the member of parliament for Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère, says it is ready to take over in the event of a need to represent the liberals in the new county of Laviolette, Saint-Maurice.

“We are ready, not just me, my team is ready. A few hours and the team is in place. Me, I have the passion again and I am ready. We’ll wait for the rumors. I don’t have the formal education that she left”, he confided to the Novelist.

Since a few days, the rumors want to be persistent on the fact that the member for Laviolette or by reflection on its political future. Among other things, it evokes the unease of seeing his brother, Jean Boulet, apply for the CAQ in Trois-Rivières and the redistricting of the electoral map which would be unfavourable. This is not to mention that the support of the liberals of the present county of Saint-Maurice, represented by Pierre Giguère, would be far from him to be acquired. And to all this is added the prospect less exciting to stay in the opposition, and his recent output toward the candidate caquiste in Champlain, Sonia LeBel. The two women had crossed the iron at the Charbonneau commission.

When asked whether he was not vexed to represent a plan B in Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère points out that he would deliver the battle “yes, for the liberals”, but first and foremost “for the members and the citizens of the county”.

“If I had wanted to introduce me elsewhere, I had the opportunity. I wasn’t interested. I’ve always kept the same language. It is there in the county where I am. There is no question that I will go elsewhere. I love the work that I do. In the area, I think it’s really important the relationship that we have with our citizens, our organizations, our businesses”, he explains.

And when asked if he is bitter at not having been chosen by Philippe Couillard to be a candidate in the new riding, he noted that he is still working for the national Assembly under the aegis of the prime minister of Quebec.

“We are ready, not just me, my team is ready. A few hours and the team is in place. We’ll wait for the rumors ”

Pierre Giguère

“No matter what happens, I said that I was elected as a liberal and that I’m going to finish my mandate. And I’ve said this from the first day that I am going to continue and that my team was to continue to work until the 1st of October,” insists Mr. Giguère.

Even if his association of county no longer exists, the liberals, themselves, are always there for him. “It is necessary to wait in any respect to see if madame decides to continue or not. If it decides to continue, that’s his business. It’s important,” he says.

In the event that he succeeds Julie Boulet to wear the colours of the QLP in Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, putting on his knowledge of Shawinigan to win the victory, “already working, for example, with community-based organizations that are based mostly in Shawinigan”. And the conquest of The Tuque does not care.

“My father has done business for years with farmers of The Eighth and La Tuque. And I was still the last week with a producer who came to Quebec, a former politician of The Tuque. We still have roots there,” claims one who will know his decision after the 15 June if ever Julie Boulet had to seek a new mandate. “I’m still in the team,” says-t it.

For its part, the candidate of the CAQ in Laviolette, Saint-Maurice, Marie-Louise Tardif, says it is ready to face one or the other.

“There’s no smoke without fire ”

Richard Perreault

“I’m involved in politics to defend a set of ideas, for a program I believe in, regardless of the opponent that I’m having. This will have no impact on the type of campaign I’m going to lead,” claims that doubt that Julie Boulet, “a force for the liberal Party”, be afraid of anyone. “She is more combative than that,” she believes.

On the side of the Parti québécois, the choice of a bid advance to such a point that one of the people interested has already met with the high instances of the training policy.

“I’m involved in politics to defend a set of ideas, for a program I believe in, regardless of the opponent that I’m going to have ”

Marie-Louise Tardif

“I’m very confident because the castles Julie went to Champlain, and that there has been this dispute is likely to leave some of the liberals on the key with Stone. Julie is strong at La Tuque, it is mixed with Grand-Mother and it’s going to be a great battle in Shawinigan,” the chairman of the association of the new county, Richard Perreault.

According to him, “there’s no smoke without fire” compared to the rumors regarding Julie Boulet. “I had already heard about it. With our candidates in order, it will be a great battle with Marie-Louise and Julie… if it’s Julie,” he concludes.


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