Amir Khadir leaves his post of deputy

Amir Khadir quitte son poste de député

“I leave the national Assembly, but not the policy.” Amir Khadir, who became an iconic figure of Quebec solidaire in the course of his 10 years as a member of parliament, said now want to take on a role more erased.

Surrounded by his family and activists, Mr. Khadir explained at a press conference in Montreal on Friday that Québec solidaire was “his house”, and that he comes back to “other occupations”. The party he helped to found in 2006 advocated an alternation of words in front of microphones and wants to avoid any “cult of personality”.

That is why after 3 terms as member of parliament, Mr. Khadir felt that it was time to leave. “I have not left it before, because yes, I feared for the future of Québec solidaire.” A fear that would now be more present at home.

Mr. Khadir argues that neither the polls, nor the difficulties of the pro-independence movement explain his departure. He remains passionate about, as evidenced by the plea that he has delivered against through of capitalism, against the fact that “politics has become subservient to the money power”.

The member will complete his present mandate, but it will not be a candidate in the next elections. It will help his party to find him a successor in the electoral district of Mercier, and to make inroads elsewhere in Quebec.

56 years old, Mr. Khadir will also return with his patients, he has a training as a specialist in microbiology and infectious diseases.

Mr. Khadir was elected for the first time in the national Assembly in 2008, becoming the first mp to wear the colours of Québec solidaire.

Born in Iran, the member has distinguished himself throughout the last decade by his outspokenness and his several bursts. He was arrested and handcuffed by police in Quebec city during a protest deemed illegal in 2012. He had spontaneously decided to go there after hearing the noise of pots and pans out of the national Assembly.

In 2009, during another demonstration in front of the american consulate, Amir Khadir, has launched a shoe on a picture of u.s. president George W. Bush. A gesture that he said he did not regret it.

He is the second elected Québec solidaire to exit the policy after Françoise David, who left office in January 2017.

The party’s other two mps in the national Assembly, Manon Massé, and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

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